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Friday, June 18, 2004

Mood: exhausted/sick of taking the SATs/ready to get out of this town and be famous
Music: secret agent x-9 - modest mouse/talk show host - radiohead
Color: light blue
Vice: making things out of Fimo.

You'd think this guy was on a permanent vacation,
no he's not, he's a secret agent...

I bought my ticket for Seattle yesterday. I am hella excited. I will be in the area from the 28th of july to the 1st of August. Wahoo!

Yesterday was probably one of the coolest days of my life.
Mackenzie was curious how i was gonna blog about this.
But its waaaaaay too good for a blog.
you'd have to see the photos. which there honestly arent enough of (there is like... 80 right now.) so check it out.

Not only did we find Nemo while we were there, but we found Pepe.
And he is greater than you could EVER imagine.

cruel cruel world, im off to fail the SATs again on Oct. 9th.
wish me luck?

question of the blog: which is worse: waking up to find spiders on your head or waking up to find you have an inflamed spider bite in the middle of your forehead? GO!

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