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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Mood:  a little bit country. a little big rock and roll.
Music: take me out - franz ferdinand
Color: orange
Vice: scrapbooking

i say i dont know
you say you dont know
i say
take me out.

you know theres a cruel injustice in the world where the killer's tickets are $13 in a city where you were last year on that date.
Oregon can suck it.
Well, Oregon does suck it. she sucks well. she blows well too. could be better.

last night i was enlightened by Dan.
I know, go figure.
i say he should write a book called "WWDD?: a collection of theories and common know-how that you just have failed to recognise at this weak, pathetic point in your life."
The second installment will be: "enlightenment by Dan"
and the third: "Dr. Dan knows all."

he's gonna be famous. dont forget to call me man.

i should really be writing. but ive been scrapbooking.
i should really be packing. but ive been writing.

im reallllly bad at doing things that i need to do.
i also bought 3 movies yesterday. it was the 3 for $30 sale:
- Kill Bill vol. 1
- Triplets of Belleville
- LOTR 3 (my brother)

good thing i was multitasking cruel cruel world...

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