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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Mood: sad
Music: tsunami - res
Color: blue
Vice: macs, not pcs, but macs

Its beginning to hit me that I will not be here in about a week. Im comming to the realization that soon, i will not wake up to fruitloops and marshmallows. I will not wake up to baby dinosaur noises with sam, or pretending to clean our desk while we just shuffle things around. I will not go to EBK in the morning and pretend like i like whatever im eating and end up eating a doughnut. I will miss karaoke revolution in dan's room. I will miss Dan. I will miss Uma swordfights, and teasing YHB. I will miss Brian and Chris and ratting on bad scrips. i will miss leavey library and its convienence. I will miss free concerts (LUDA!) i will miss the UV. I will miss the ants in the bathroom. I will miss Lexi and Suzie, how cute they are, and how it makes me want to puke. I will miss barbie. I will miss the amazing race, last comic standing, and big brother 5. I will miss sam. I will miss Jes.
I dont know why im doing this now. I still have a week. I still have time to cherish every moment i have here.
Jes and I realized last night that we've closed ourselves off since we got here. We're in a contained world, like an ant farm. chlostorphobic. We're becomming attached to things we wouldnt even consider at home. Our boyfriends and best friends are missed terribly, but at times, forgotten - as hard as it is to believe. Why leave a place that makes you so happy? to go home to people who make you happy? Why leave a place where everything seems so perfect and untainted. why leave a place wher you can get free food (sort of.) why leave a place where people give the best hugs? why leave a place where people genuinely love you? why leave a place where you can use the excuse "leave the drama alone - we just need to enjoy the time left."
It makes me want to cry just thinking about it.
cruel cruel world, i appologize in advance for all the "i wish i was at USC" talking i am going to do when i get home.
the taste of freedom is so sweet.

check out week two pictures...

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