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Monday, July 19, 2004

Mood: tired
Music: good news for the people that love bad news - modest mouse
Color: fabulous
Vice:  knowing whats going on with my camera
"Hate to sound sleazy, but tease me, I don't want it if it's that easy..." - Tupac
had this wonderful conversation with three boys, a roommate, and 4 sock puppets. Apparently in college, boys learn to play the game. Until that point, you are wasting your time.
I can't wait for college. Boys will play the game. The game is almost as good as the relationship itself.
Had one of the most wonderful weekends of my life:
  • Had a good laugh with Pippin (or is it Pippen?) and Brian.
  • Went to a free Ludacris concert. Got awesome pictures and video. Was made fun of by black kids for knowing all the words and dancing around with Sam, Jes, and Dan.
  • Got 2nd place in the karaoke/dancedance competition. My roommate got first. Our room is full of winners.
  • Went to Universal City Walk. Saw Anchorman - which blew. In fact, I blew at the movie. (Don't ask.) Had a really fun lunch at a family style italian resturant, bought the Jamie Cullum CD I've been looking all over for (cant beat a 9 dollar CD...) and had a blast looking for socks for a bowling match we never had.
  • Went as a sunshine girl with Sam to Dan's Gunther. Look him up= "Tra la la" by Gunther is the hottest dance song is Sweden right now. I'll get pictures posted eventually. Had a blast at the dance. My thighs hurt from doing the fast butt shaking thing on "hey mama" - it was worth it tho.
  • Woke up Dan yesterday morning. He almost overslept the group picture. Note to self: do not stand in the sun for 45 minutes waiting for a picture EVER AGAIN.
  • Took an illegal driving tour of downtown L.A. (Forgot to sign out! oooops!) And had a wonderful time singing throughout the city.
  • Made fun of Dan for his booty call.
  • Watched most of "Run Lola Run"
  • Watched 3 episodes of "Sex in the City." with Max and Sam. (Sorry Bunny and Tali...)
  • Pointed at the television with Sex in the City on it and whispered "MR. BIG!" every time he came on the screen with Max. It was fabulous.
  • Colapsed in the quad from laughing so hard. Somebody actually ran over to see if I was okay. They thought I had broken my leg or something. "No, I'm just hyperventilating. Don't worry!"
  • Chewed on stuff: suckers, straw, my finger - yesterday was oral fixation day. I wish I had a straw now... I would chew on that.
  • Talked to Ellis about the script. Not much is going to be changed. Oh well.
  • Realized i hang out with people with three letter names. makes it easier to remember i guess... (Dan, Sam, Jes, Max...)
  • Had an interesting conversation with Todd. It made me feel like this: "n(@#*v^&)b*(UEWR9P8VYb92)(*#Y(w8v57PKWRVHIUleh98(w38vbnVNuPvweiVUP(Ff9vbVVW#T($8v."
  • Died a little.
  • Did a puppet show from under Dan's bed... with his socks.
  • Had a tickle war and realized that I was "going to die!"
  • Hugged.
  • Had a good laugh when Dan sent Todd the 37 minute Paris Hilton porn. He then proceded to have a party in his room in which they watched most of it. S.A.D.
  • Rented "Love Actually" for tomorrow.
  • Watched the end of "Moulin Rouge" and got to the same point as we did the other day (which is right after "Hindi Diamonds.") we had to leave to go to our floor meeting. Oops.

So as you can see, I had an awesomely busy weekend. That and finishing my memory page, psychologically preparing myself for loaning out my camera for shifty purposes (still unclear about whats going on with that...) and finding out blogger has once again boggled my mind by adding some new features to the posting box, my day is made. Again.

Oh, and Ellis is here. Now we can get some work done. I think. No. Not really. Pippin is bound to show up. Or not. Pippin is probably still sleeping. I need to buy cough drops. I've appeared to have lost my voice. Whoop-De-Fucking-Doo.

So here I go cruel cruel world. Its back to the hypothetical drawing board.


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