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Friday, July 30, 2004

Mood:  tired as helllllll
Music:  Modest Mouse - Secret Agent X-9
Color:  Pink. Nuff said.
Vice: Shopping. Ive spent enough money to kill a horse. Seriously. I even hit up the ATM... again.

"I really dont like the be-jewelled-ness. Maybe I should just pop them off..."

You think this gal is on a permanent vacation? no she's not - she's a secret agent.

I'm dying. Seriously.

So here I am - in Seattle - with my homie, Sasha. We are actually spending more money than I own. Yes. I own money. But not much... anymore. After i spent the $80 that i had left over from taking out at USC (which i was suppost to spend on USC gear for my siblings but ran out of time...) then i spent some additional money that my father gave me (but i limited how much i took with me) then i hit up the ATM for an extra $50. My card was rejected twice. Then another ATM took it. HEY-OHHHHHHH!

Some special Seattle Notes:
1. Saw a sticker that said "I pee in the pool." I considered buying it for Max, and then I decided that i would go home and make it for him instead. I am way crafty like that. mang bitches.
2. Saw a pink/black pinstripe suit at Red Light by UW.  Orgasmed. Then thought about buying it for Dan. Then realized that if this was the only pink pinstripe suit in the world, then it should stay in Seattle. I also realized it probably wouldnt fit Dan. It was huge. I had super withdrawls after i left and texted him. I felt bad for not buying it, just for the sake of buying it. It was pink pinstripes. I pretty much had to hold myself back from doing the suit on the hanger...
3. Saw Stepford Wives with Sash. There were 6 people in the theater. 2 of them left after a joke about a dildo and a pinecone. (HAH!) Sash laughed aloud once, and then screamed twice. It was terribly audible, considering there were 4 other people in the theater.
4. Sash bought this adorable pair of shoes from Nordstrom Rack. Spent $65 at buffalo exchange, including a pair of stiletto pointy black heels that make me go... er... batty when i wear them. Sash and I were walking around in them to "break them in" but i think we both know that... well... we just wanted a reason to wear our new "fuck me" shoes
5. Will somebody please remind me that i own waaaaaaaay too many panties and that i need to get rid of at least 10 pairs before i am allowed to buy more again? i mean, ill accept them as gifts, but i cannot afford to buy any more. Maybe i should just stay out of victoria's secret. and then again, without me, they'd go bankrupt. This makes me awfully glad that i didnt sign up for an "Angel's Card." If i did, i would have credit out the window, but at the same time, i would be fucked up the ass - and i dont mean by those silly pearl thongs. Although, im curious to know what all the hype is about those - somebody send me some for my birthday, plz. Actually, i dont really need them. It would just be funny. Somebody buy them for themself and let me know if they bug the hell out of your ass, or if theyre awesome. holla back.
6. Any bum that has a sign that reads "Need money for weed" deserves your dollas. Well, maybe not mine - cause im poor now. But Sash was gonna give him a dollar so that we could take a picture of him with his sign. i eventually voted against it, because im not in the mood to get fucked in downtown seattle.
7. Sash got a beemer for her birthday. And its very cute. I'm also not allowed to drive it. Gar.
8. My ringtone on Sasha's phone is "Lets get retarded" by the Black Eyed Peas. I guess that tells you a little about our relationship.
9. Sash almost spent more money than me today. Imagine. Too bad, i had a little more money than she did, but she caught up to me by buying about 8 ringtones this afternoon. I am waiting until The Killers "Somebody Told Me" becomes a ringtone.
10. "Hey, they dont love you like i love you..." Thats pretty much the story of my life. If you only knew...
11. Why is Jeremy London back on Last Comic Standing? We all know that Ant was suppost to be back on! I used three of my text messages to get him back on! THOSE NBC WHORES! I bet it was because Ant was WAY too fabulous for them. They should have known that he makes good reality TV, and they should have kept him on the show. London sucks balls, my man.
12. My boyfriend just called me a whore. In the dog house. DOG HOUSE.
13. Andrew didnt call. Rory has yet to call. As of now, they suck. Big time. Rory, get back from cross country, and call us. Ignore my lame voice mail message. Hah. That was funnnnny.
14. Hate to say i told you so? alright.
15.  Youre just ignorant.
17. UGH... IDIOT!
18. Sasha just lost her ball. Good thing she has an extra. I guess thats why you get 2?
19. WHORE!
20. Im not jealous. Im ignorant.
21. Where are my balls?
22. I would sing "Lets get retarded" but i have heard the ringtone so many times today, i have a friggin migrane.
23. Seriously, migrane by ringtones is not a happy headache. Ugh.
24. Sash has also forced me to listen to all this weird music she burned for me. She thinks i hate it, which is not true. I am just ignorant.
25. I wish i wasnt poor.
26. Yeah. I'm jealous. You know it.
27. You win. I lose.
28. FRICK.
29. Im just such an... ugh... IDIOT... i feel like a liger... which is a cross between a lion and a tiger... DUH....
30. this is the last one, i swear cruel cruel world...

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