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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Mood: Tired. A little irked.
Music: pieces of me - ashlee simpson
Color: brown
Vice: spending money/chillin with Ror and Sash

I am so confused. I apparently have wronged Sasha in some way, yet, she will not tell me. So I am spending my last day walking on broken glass. We shall see if i survive.

We are going to downtown Seattle again: to EMP, to SAM, and to see the Village. LAst night with Rory, we got there, third from getting our tickets, and the Village sells out. Crapo. So they decide that we are goign to Anchorman: the Legend of Bob Burgandy.


So i went. and enjoyed myself. Laughing more than the time when i was tired at universal and spent the time "blowing Dan." I somehow feel that the time i watched it at universal that my money and time were better spent. Maybe thats just me. Anywho, i am ashamed to say that i saw it again, and that this time, i laughed. Occasionally. Not too much. But enough.

For those of you that dont know, Jon Heder, who playes Napoleon in Napoleon Dynamite is a married mormon who is from Oregon. Y.E.S. - add his name to the list of super oregonians!
its a very small list, but its a start...

So we are going to The Village today (hopefully) and venturing into downtown Seattle again - which means dangerous waters... you never know what i might get persuaded into buying while im there...

I've already been to the bank machine twice.
I am becomming poor.
I will have to hide my ATM card when i get home. This is just UNACCEPTABLE.

(why does nobody comment anymore? does nobody read? or does nobody have nothing interesting to say? who is nobody? and why am i refering to nobody in the third person?

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