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Monday, August 02, 2004

Mood: Exhausted, yet prepared for another day.
Music: tra la la - Gunter and the Sunshine Girls
Color: Yellow
Vice: Cell phones, practice SAT, college applications, and sleep

la lalala lalala lalalalalalala la...

-Name: Natalie Loraine Lewis
-Birthdate: August 29th (thats comming up y'all...)
-Birthplace: Corvallis, Oregon - butthole of the universe...
-Current Location: my sister's computer
-Eye Color: hazel
-Hair Color: chesnut something or other
-Height: 5'8.75"- i got measured a few weeks ago
-Righty or Lefty: Righty
-Zodiac Sign: VirGO!

-Your Heritage: I've been told that im German and Russian, but ive got a lil bit of everything in me sometimes...
-The shoes you wore today: barefoot
-Your Fears: falling in front of people and sliding in gravel to the point where i get up and little chunks of gravel fall out of my skin. or just falling in general
-Your perfect pizza: how bout no pizza is perfect? im a cheese girl...
-Goal(s) you'd like to achieve: make it in the industry... the ADULT FILM INDUSTRY!!!!! muahahahha...

-Your most overused phrase on AIM: ROFLMAO, STFU, "haha" and "murrr" (please disregard the first two...)
-Your thoughts upon waking: i am wasting a perfectly beautiful day. where are my glasses...
-Your best physical feature: i would have to say my freckles (even though i do not like them) because they make me unique.
-Your bedtime: whenever i pass out
-Your most missed memory: missed memory? if i missed it, wouldnt i have forgotten it... or something? this is confusing. er, I miss Canoe Island a bunch. I now miss all my USC people and wish i had gotten to know some of them better. I would list them all, but you know thats silly (big ups to Sam, Dan, and Max)

-Pepsi or Coke: i drank pepsi the entire time i was at USC, but then i drink coke at home. Now i am trying to avoid soda in general.
-McDonald's or Burger King: run away!!!! retreat!
-Adidas or Nike: puma. I like nike gear better, but adidas shoes. but puma reigns supreeeeeeme!
-Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: bitch say what?
-Chocolate or vanilla: vaniglia.
-Cappuccino or Coffee: coffee. once you go black, you dont ever go back.

-Smoke: socially.
-Cuss: hah. thank you ron friedman.
-Sing: all the damn time.
-Take a shower everyday: i take a shower when i feel dirty. which is about every 36 hours. weirdddddd. who said that?
-Have a crush(es): dont we all? what a silly question. for example, i have just developed a crush on the mailman, because he is foxy. (biiiiig jk.)
-Do you think you've been in love: no. actually, i know i havent been in love. ive been in lust, but not in love.
-Want to go to college: no, i want to live in my parents basement for the rest of my life and survive of of digorno deep dish and cheetos. did i mention i like USC and Fordham?
-Like(d) High School: Loved it and am loving it. Every minute makes me who i am today.
-Want to get married: before this summer, i would have told you "no. never." as of now, i do not want to get married... im 17 for god's sake... but i mean, there will eventually be a point in my life where my instinct takes over and i will no longer want to be the "Crazy cat lady"
-Believe in yourself: hah, this is a joke... right?
-Get motion sickness: i used to. and then i went to camp.
-Think you're attractive: my body, my problem! i do what i want! ... well, everyone is attractive to someone out there, so sure. im attractive to some people. physical is only about half of the equation. if not less than half.
-Think you're a health freak: no. i cant do diets. thank you mom and katie for instituting south beach in our home... ewwwwwwwwwwwww
-Get along with your parents: fairly well with my mother. mediocre with my father. im beginning to learn that at some point i have to look at where he's comming from and try to be an adult. ugh. i hate that.
-Like thunderstorms: easily entertained, anyone?
-Play an instrument: guitar and piano. occasionally nose flute.

In the past month...
-Drank alcohol: hahaha... yeahhhh... sippy cups RULE
-Done a drug: alcohol is a drug mind you... so yeah and yeah.
-Had sex: n.o. didnt happen.
-Made out: haha. yes. thats cute.
-Gone on a date: yep
-Gone to the mall: hahahahahahaahahhahahahahaa... yes. i am SO poor.
-Eaten an entire box of Oreos: no, but sam and i went through 3 boxes of fruit loops!
-Eaten sushi: n.o.
-Been dumped: rejected, but not dumped.
-Gone skating: no.
-Made homemade cookies: i wish. hey, aaron owes us cookies!
-Gone skinny dipping: hah, yes in the USC fountain... NO, remember the "Natalie's policy on nudity"? that still stands...
-Dyed your hair: no. never actually.
-Stolen anything: hahahahhahahahahaa, almost subsconsciously... wait. yes. straws from the UV... IM SORRY!

-Played a game that required the removal of clothing: yes. its a requirement with the people i used to hang out with. recently? no.
-If so, was it in mixed company: was double black diamond a game?
-Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: this one time, at band camp... of course i have. its part of adolesance...
-Been caught "doing something": heh. taking the 5th.
-Been called a tease: isnt that part of the game? its what makes it fun... i suppose...
-Gotten beaten up: N.O.
-Shoplifted: haha, see "stolen something"
-Changed who you are to fit in: story of my life...

-Age you hope to get married: 52. i figure ill know who i am by then. :-P
-Number and Names of Children:2: rainbow sunshine glitter butt magee and racecar thunder boombox expo
-Describe your Dream Wedding: i actually havent really thought about it. up until this summer, i was fairly convinced i was going to be a cat lady...
-How do you want to die: by suping up on E and having sex until my mind overloads. no. not really. i dont know how i want to die.
-Where do you want to go to college: ugh. bad time. ask later.
-What do you want to be when you grow up: stand up comedian (sorry mom!). screenwriter. director. something in the industry.

In a guy/girl...
-Best eye color: blue. see "blue eyes" by Coldplay
-Best hair color: equal opprotunity employer
-Short or long hair: im a fan of the shag. HAH.
-Height: as tall as me, if not taller.
-Best weight: at least as much as i weigh, which means at least 102.3 lbs...
-Best articles of clothing: duh. Pink shirts. Pink and black pinstripe suit... HELLOOO!
-Best first date location: i dont believe the first date exists in my life. i generally have to "hang out" with someone before ill date them. who knows. surprize me.
-Best first kiss location: hah. we all know its my basement.

-Number of drugs taken illegally: 2
-Number of people I could trust with my life: 3
-Number of CD's I own: an assload. havent counted.
-Number of piercings: 2. 2 you cant see.
-Number of tattoos: n.o. not happening.
-Number of scars on my body: 2. secrety secret scars...
-Number of things in my past that i regret: 2. plead the 5th.

so cruel cruel world, you know me yet?

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