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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Mood: zippity doo dah
Music: damien rice - cannonball
Color: orange
Vice: college essays... no seriously...

So ive figured out this new system of i call it AP Procrastination. (AP meaning Advanced Procratstinator's) It is as follows: say you have something you dont want to do, par example: study for your PSU independant health and government finals. SO! You decide "hey, i enjoy writing, lets do some college essays!" So, you are procrastinating so you wont have to do your homework, and instead, you do something that is almost as important (but not really) and spend lots of time on it making it perfect.
The flaw in Natalie's AP Procrastination: If you are good at writing essays, like I am... sometimes, then you have an issue when you run out of essays to write. Or you write one and your entire family reads it and goes: "that is the most amazing essay i have ever read." What can i say, im a writer. Even though i got butt fucked by the verbal section on the SAT, its because I have a bad reading comprehension/speed and i forgot to take my crystal meth before i took the test.

I invited all the adults to my birthday party today. The only one i actually talked to on the phone was Beth Russell. She was very skeptical of the party: "I might chicken out on you..." but then i convinced her that other adults would be there and she would have a lovely time if she just got her silly self over to my house. I called Mrs. Carman too, but she apparently is gone right now. She'll have to call me back so i can give her all the details. So BLou, if youre reading this, give me a call. Sanks.

I just had an arguement with my brother over how the "End of the World" flash begins. I won, of course.

This is the uncensored portion of the journal. Prepare yourself for brutal thoughts... GO!
He told me he loved me today. I havent figured out if it is a bad thing yet because I don't know if he "meant it" (cause you know how girls get all overanalitical when boys say stuff or do stuff, and then they pose the question from hell: "what is this?" Note to girls everywhere, from Natalie: DONT EVER ASK A BOY, after youre done doing whatever you were doing, "What is this?" that is NEVER good. They will freak out an run. No seriously. They will.)

help me. please.

Saw Manchurian Canidate. Too predictable. It doesnt stop Meryl Streep from being one of my favorite actresses of all time. She embodies everything that a celebrity should be, in my opinion. She is AMAZING.

Anywho, now that i have elephant love medley stuck in my head, and no Dan in sight to sing it with, i guess i'll go back to writing my college essays... like i was supposted to do for the last 15 minutes...

Note to all AP Procrastination believers: Yes, being the excellent procrastinator that you are, you will stray from the AP Procrastination process (which involves essays and homework) you will call everyone you know in an attempt to not do it. You will write blogs so you wont have to do it. You will make phony livejournal accounts so you can harass the emo kids on the internet. You will go through your entire musical repitore to realize that most of the songs that you know are in other languages, and wouldnt it be nice if you actually knew what they meant? You will pretend that you have more than a sliver of jewish in you (sometimes) and eat Matzos like a pro. You will laugh and pester your father while he murmurs "Jesus Christ" under his breath at the new computer... the THIRD computer that you've owned in 2 weeks. You will pretend to do speed reading, when, in reality, you are just dragging the card down the page like you are supposed to and not understand a single damn thing that the page says - reading rate: 250 wpm, comprehension: .2%

you know cruel cruel world, we could be heros, for ever and ever...

editors note: the opinions represented on the page are, of course, completely by the writer and should be taken seriously. if you dont have some sort of silly name for YOUR dumb procrastination system, you should get one and copywrite it ASAP or you will be TOTALLY behind the trend. that is all.

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