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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Mood: cautious
Music: hey jude - beatles
Color: yellow
Vice: livejournal discovery

i am 45 steps away from getting a livejournal. but wouldnt that make me more emo than i already am? i do not want to ruin this blog streak. I wish i could change the URL, but sadly, i cannot. oh well, life moves on...

speaking of promiscuousbystanders, i just had a flashback of the concert where i think i saw topher. and i think i saw katie shaw. no, i did see katie shaw. I wished i had walked over and asked her how she was. i do miss her sometimes. we had this weird bond where even the saddest moments could be filled with giggles. hmm... merinate on that.

muchos gracias to lesley and tali for rocking my world last night. they could have had their own night, but they love me enough to invite me along. it was really kind of them, and i truely appreciate it.

im beginning to think that this blog has been abused. it needs counseling.
more on that if you must hear it, later...

why have i stuck with this... thing... cruel cruel world? why have i let myself get trapped?

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