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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Mood: chemesterific. i just made that up
Music: believe me, natalie - the killers
Color: beautiful
Vice: hmm... i wonder?

do you think of me every time you hear that song?
i think of you.
in fact, i would break out into a kylie minogue song, but ill spare you.
because i care.
i could also sing david cassidy. but ill refrain.
where am i going with this?
right. the music.
as i drove in my car, i cranked the radio. and all i thought about was you.
no matter what song it was: all tracks. all the time.
i would fade away only to come back to you.
is this an obession? an infatuation? a girlish crush?
do you think of me every time you hear that song?
because i do think of you.

isnt it funny how the music brings it all together in the end cruel cruel world?

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