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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Mood: happy. for once. however, stressed about saturday.
Music: dare you to move - switchfoot
Color: kahki
Vice: my cell phone

must make menu.
must take part of friday off.
must not look like fool infront of danny lee. hah.
must be friends with mommy
MUST clean room (it is gross!)
must take more showers
must sleep more
must watch DDHN with mom
must finish scarf
must watch more olymics
must get an OSU ID
must get in touch with USC counselor
must finish essays
must practice speed reading
must eat
must hang out with Tim
must make up dance with Lesley
must have fun (what is this "fun" you speak of?)
must stay sane
must not cry
must get christmas lights off of garage ceiling
must hang them in the courtyard
must stop staring at katie couric
must make foods
must pick up cake
must pick up table
must go to work

oy. bahivah.

i dare you to lose yourself cruel cruel world.

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