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Tuesday, August 24, 2004


TEN Things You Did This Summer
-Went to USC for a month
- wrote my first screenplay
-did college applications
-went to seattle for a weekend
-threw myself a birthday party
-planned my own kidnapping (sort of!)
-made some new buddies
-registered for SENIOR YEAR
-read a textbook (never before)
-worked in the office

NINE Favorite Songs of the Summer
-last dance with mary jane - tom petty
-somebody told me - the killers
-angel in the centerfold - (i forget)
- believe me Natalie - the Killers
- cannonball - Damien Rice
- Lets get retarded - Black Eyed Peas
- represent, cuba - dirty dancing havana nights
- get low - lil jon

EIGHT Places You Ate At
-EVK. or EBK. depends on who you talk to.
- pita pit
-jonny rockets
-mongolian grill

SEVEN Things that Annoyed You
-leaving USC behind
-sam nelson. haha. i wub you sam.
-not getting different teachers for my classes
-not getting enough sleep
-getting fat

SIX Things You Bought
-a polka dotted clutch
-The Alchemist (book)
-my "please dont eat me" shirt
-the killers CD
-a new pair of pumas
-a birthday crown, which was not used.

FIVE Things You Accomplished
-wrote a screenplay (a short shitty one, but thats AIGHT!)
-peer pressured bunny into doing something she didnt really want to do... sorry, but you liked it :P
- stayed together with my boyfriend regardless of time spent apart and other people
- didnt spend ALL of my money (most of it)
- spread the word "squirrel" all over california

FOUR Movies You Saw
-the village
-bourne identity
-stepford wives
-spiderman 2

THREE Things You Wish You Did
-gotten "the guy" ("I wouldnt judge!")
-hung out with people more (i work a lot)
-taken time off

TWO Rules You Broke
-illegal substances
-illegal driving

ONE Thing You LOVED About This Summer
i cant pick just one.
but i loved being kidnapped. and i loved USC.

cruel cruel world, i have to go suffer through my post-party work day...

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