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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Mood: tired. kinda wierd.
Music: when they really get to know you, they will run - pedro the lion, somebody told me, smile like you mean it - the killers
Color: red.

Vice: bunny.

I just realized one of my favorite songs of the moment is about how girls should shave their legs. I suddenly feel bad:

what makes you think that it won't grow back in a day or two
husbands in winter, they know the truth
but what can they do i don't like girls the way they are
so shave their legs, and make them look like movie stars
then we can pretend it's natural

put on whatever makes you attractive
if it's not you, then do it for the sake of fashion
if your friends like a certain you, that's who you have to be

junior high legs; blond hair gone brown from removing it
waxing since thirteen - wisdom from a beauty queen
her tiara digging deep in her head

put on whatever makes you attractive
if it's not you, then do it for the sake of fashion
if your friends like a certain you, that's who you have to be
that's who you've got to be

i'm starting to think that i'm kinda shy or at least i'd like to be

winter legs give me heart attacks
so take it off with laser, so it never comes back
so we can pretend it's natural

Im in a rut. I started this script based on my life and how much my job sucks, but ive reached a point where i can either make it terribly realistic and more like my life, or i can throw it for a loop and add in this entire senario involving sex, booze, and a fast car - three things that my life lacks.
actually, thats a lie. not the fact that i lack them, but the fact that i will not be putting them in my screenplay.
thats a lie too. i was planning on putting sex in it. considering its only BASED on my life. It isnt specifically my life.
not at least for another month or two. (this is when Lesley and i make funny hand gestures at each other and giggle because we BOTH know what i am talking about. and we will not judge.)
yes. i am carrie all over.
minus the shoes.
and the clothes.
and the wundebar sex life.
and the brunch every morning with 3 of my closest friends.
damn it. i am not carrie.
whatever, i am tempted to stray farther from reality with this script, and on the other hand, i am tempted to abandon it.
i am also tempted to sent it to Sameer and be like "hey bitch. read what i have so far and tell me its awesome. lots of luv. n-dizzle."
its Arlen's birthday in like... 10 days - i should really send him a card.
speaking of cards, i kind of feel like death tonight. i am frustrated, and i need a blow pop. now.

will somebody make me pancakes tomorrow morning please? how about you cruel, cruel world?

editors note: Sam - bravo. Sameer - i wub you. Sammy - I promise i will email. Dan - you get props, just because. Bunny - i lub you because you toucher mon derriere. we need to make me a dogtag...

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