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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Mood: tired. as if i didnt say that enough. ive been busy...
Music: damien rice - O (the entire album)
Color: look inside a bag of tropical skittles
Vice: my seat cover from dine... HUGE JK. Partying. thats the vice, partying.

Last night was awesome. Thanks to everyone involved for being good sports. I know, at times, it could have been better, but i did what i could. So wahoo. Good times.

I have been working my ass off for that party for about... er... since the last time i blogged. meh. i dont really have much to say anymore.

at least nothing i want to say to you.

i could really use a nap. right now.

kevin is comming over tonight to have dinner and to bring me a birthday cake. I invited Tim so that i wouldnt die, and so he can steal me away so we can go play tetris.

no, "tetris" is not a code word for squirrely-ness. We are actually going to go play tetris. he bought it for me for my birthday. my hero.

too bad he's going to regret that investment. the game will be over in less than 30 seconds. i was BORN playing tetris.

i need to send sam the present i made her. somebody call me on tuesday and remind me.

speaking of which, i am taking tuesday off from work so i can register, take a health final, sleep, eat REAL food, talk to melody castle, and die.

wednesday is my last "speed reading" class. hopefully, i will have learned something.

so cruel cruel world, i got a seat cover for my birthday - what did you get?

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