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Friday, August 13, 2004

mood: tired. kinda smelly.
music: elliot smith - needle in the hay
color: silver
vice this new super de dooper keyboard... is that how you spell "dooper?" or is it "duper?"

USC: #1?

my USC friend ryan had this as his away message.
And as a hardcore beaver fan, i would just like to point one thing out:
CLEARLY, USC does not reign supreme because everyone knows that college teams dont go to the superbowl.
way to be smart, team. hope ill be there next year... im such a loser.

i leave for ashland tomorrow morning... around 5AM... so i can hopefully make it in time to see Tim's summer seminar performance. My mother called him my "friend" yesterday, i had a good laugh. she didn't get it.

gonna see a couple of plays. gonna pretend like my family gets along and that everything is peachy fucking keen.
god damn it.
this weekend is going to be a nightmare.
its going to be greatblow... hard.

we all know my family is WAY to dysfunctional to get along for an entire week.
the thought of that makes me laugh.
to quote my mother: "its the last week that we'll be together as a family until christmas!"
thank fucking god.
that saves me a lot of work.
in the meantime, im going to speed read my heath text, and attempt to read "SATs for Dummies" because, of course, thats what i amthe SATs are - D-U-M-M!

i need to get a life cruel cruel world... time to find a hobby BESIDES studying.

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