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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Mood: wiggity whack
Music: orange sky - alexi murdoch (not on the garden state soundtrack, but in the movie)
Color: orange... BUT NOT BLUE (that was a total mistake, btw)
Vice: figuring out where you are

I am supposed to be still working on governement. but i dont feel like it right now.

I just had three bites of Orange Chicken. It was DELICIOUS. In fact, i want to go back for more, but im going out to lunch with lesley in an hour, and GOD KNOWS we'll end up going to chinese.
I mean, seriously, where else would we go?
that means another day of yumminess.
maybe we should find somewhere else to go... like pitas... or... i dont know. im lose now. mmm pita.
actually, thanks to that orange chicken, and my anorexic stomach, im not hungry anymore.
think hungry thoughts. hungry. hungary. turkey. greece. grease. lynch. death. mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
i give up. way to go free association.

where are you?

yes i had a dream
staying beneath an orange sky.

im feeling a bit... i dont know... emo? maybe its the weather. All i know about the weather, is that it is offically autumn in oregon. yes. it is fall. you will have to deal with that.
how do i know? when did i come to this realization?
when i turned on my bed heater last night. it was COLD.

Nora and I have decided that she is Natalie Portman's character (but louder) and I am Zach Braf's character from Garden State ( but with no Lithium... unfortunately.)

Lesley and Macky (aka Mack-a-licious or Mack-Diddy) found a hand rolled cigarette in the library under a keyboard.
odd, i know.
why do silly people have all the luck.
no, they deserve it. wahoo.
i wonder if it was laced. that would be hilaroius.

note to Macky: veloceraptor fighting chicken gives a big ol "correctomundo/rightomundo" in your direction. watch out for the claws.

oh right. somebody finally called me about senior girls' t-shirts yesterday night. it was only because someone (Lesley) told someone (Brittany) that someone (Alyssa) should call me and ask me if i wanted a $7.30 shirt.
ugh. like i want to remember high school. especially my... senior year? do i have a senior year? this is a lame excuse of a senior year. this is like, push year.

maybe i should start a club. wouldnt that just be all fine and dandy.

i cannot wait until they put up the "do not make J.J. shred alone" posters again. i got a kick out of those

when is the stack playing again? i feel like dancing, getting sweaty, and shakin a tail feather with tony and joel.
what an image.
im suddenly a turkey cruel, cruel world.

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