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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Mood: a dayquil enduced happiness
Music: Mr. Brightside and Jenny was a Friend of Mine - both by The Killers, which i wont be seeing at bumbershoot on monday. :(
Color: gray
Vice: hersheys cookies and cream candy bars... and crunches... and sit-ups.

ive put myself on a diet. I call it: "Natalie's feble attempt to get her waist back" diet
It involves drinking less soda.
Eating less crackers and ice cream.
and doing sit-ups, crunches, and bicycles before bed.
my stomach hurts.
the word "flabby" comes to mind. but it isnt the right one

this, however, does not reduce the "cookies and cream" intake.
that is a seperate diet altogether.
It is called the "Natalie eats whatever she wants whenever she wants" diet.
And essentially, it is whenever i am not looking at my stomach and realized that i have lost the muscles in it.
the word "pathetic" comes to mind. but its not the right one.

i know. This is not a request for "youre not fat!" comments, although it may seem like it. I would just like to see my ab muscles one day. If not today, then maybe tomorrow. So i'm giving it a try.
the words "self improvement" come to mind, but its not the right one.

I found out that my speed reading class helped a lot. I read 2 books in 5 days. Thats the fastest ive ever read. ITS AMAZING. Usually, it takes me like... 3 weeks to read a book. Go figure. I guess a $400 class was worth its $400.
the word "accomplishment" comes to mind. but we all know that would be silly.

Tim is busy this week. I am sick. We won't see each other until Sunday.
I find this hilarious, considering the "we need to see each other more often" idea we came up with due to the fact when he got back from Ashland, we had seen each other a total of 5 days the entire summer.
that is S-A-D, my friends. Very sad.
So now we've seen each other maybe a total of 10 days. which is an improvement.
Even though day 10 got me sick. It was worth it. I think. No, it was.
Minus the whole stressing out all week thing. If you must know about that, ask. Its not directly related to him, but its a funny story if im comfortable telling it to you.
which im probably not.
id probably tell one person i know.
and its not you.
because i know she doesnt read this very often.
anywho, tim and i havent seen each other much at all. thats sad.
Too bad we are both terribly busy people, and dont have time to see each other.
But i suppose that is life.
The words "real relationship" come to mind. But i don't think thats right.

I just finished "Choke" by Chuck Palaniuck. Too bad it was fairly similar to fight club. Im now reading "Diary" and it has an array of "fight club-y" things in it. Youre dissapointing me, Chuck. I really enjoyed "fight club" and "invisable monsters" but having you write the same book over and over again is getting boring.
I also finished "To kill a mockingbird." I think i liked it, regardless of all you poor saps that had to read it for school.
My next book, after "Diary" is "Veronika decides to Die" by Paulo Coehlo. I almost checked out "the 5th mountain" but decided it was too biblical for me. My fingerprints might get burned off by the cover or something.
Ron Friedman recomended that I read the bible. I tried reading the new testement sophomore year. It ended up sitting in the bottom of my locker for a few months, getting crapped on and eaten by mice. I felt so dirty throwing what was left of it away. SAD. I am going to burn in hell, i suppose?
the word "sinner" comes to mind. but i know it isnt the right one.

I havent written in awhile. I think its because I am becomming more uninteresting as the summer continues. Being a drone at work kind of gets rid of my creativity.
I still have to finish my PSU government course, or i wont graduate.
Oh well. it'll get done eventually.
The word "procrastination" comes to mind. but it isnt the right one.

Im beginning to think that im kind of shy, at least id like to be.
I cant look one of my co-workers in the eyes.
He has blue ones.
I've only looked a few times.
Am i really that shy? Because yes, he is really that charming.
Maybe im protecting myself.
odd. ive never done that before.
Hes a nice guy. Ill just play it safe, and avoid most eye contact.
the word "antisocial" comes to mind. but it isnt the right one."

I want to go play billiards. Maybe ill go play with my little brother after work.
nah. He'd kick my ass. That would be depressing.
Where is Nora? why isnt she returning my phone calls.
My head is crazy right now. i think its the dayquil. why do i keep writing random things?
does nobody read this anymore? maybe readership will go up once school starts again and i shamelessly throw myself at people.
the word "whore" comes to mind. but it isnt the right one.

i think im going to go card out and start my lunch break.
hahaha, i just got paid $2 for blogging.
the word "fired" comes to mind, but i know thats what'll happen if i get found out cruel cruel world.

last day on fridaaay!

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