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Monday, September 27, 2004

Mood: garbledy garble
Music: sick little suicide - the matches
Color: pink
Vice: listening to my mother discuss (in depth) her root canal from this morning.


i should really be reading A Clockwork Orange.
I'm a little to bored for that though.
I almost feel like i should be doing somethign productive.
like playing video games.
yeah, video games.

i have unsucessfully written 2 articles for High-O-Scope.
Too bad the one i have written sucks balls.
and the two others suck more. i cant get interviews for them.
i feel weird asking BLou Carman about interviewing her abotu her closet. I asked for permission, but writing the article might kill me in the meantime.
Nobody at the National Jewish Center will answer my questions. I got sent to voice mail.
Nobody at the Celebrity Scientology Center will answer my questions. I got a woman that didn't speak English.
I've been studying all morning, but feel unproductive.
Luckily, i have OSU @6.
So do 378 other students.
yay for lectures.
anyone want to come, cruel cruel world?

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