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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Mood: mindless.
Music: pardon me (acoustic) - incubus
Color: brown
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pardon me while i burst
oh no
A decade ago, I never thought I would be,
At seventeen, on the verge of spontaneous combustion.
But I guess that it comes with the territory;
an ominous landscape of never ending calamity
I need you to hear, I need you to see that I have had all I can take
and exploding seems like a definite possibility to me.
So pardon me while I burst into flames.
I've had enough of the world, and it's people's mindless games.
So pardon me while I burn and rise above the flame.
Pardon me, Pardon me...Don't ever be the same.

Not two days ago, I was having a look in a book and I saw a picture of a guy fried up above his knees
I said, "I can relate," cause' lately I've been thinking of combustication
as a welcomed vacation from
the burdens of the planet earth.
Like gravity hypocrisy and the perils of being in 3-D...
and thinking so much differently.
Pardon me while I burst into flames.
I've had enough of the world and it's people's mindless games.
So pardon me while I burn and rise above the flame.
Pardon me, Pardon me...Don't ever be the same.

I'm having one of those days when i feel like i haven't accomplished anything.
even though its the most ive accomplished all week.

I'm pissed at my Xbox.
wanna know why? probably not. gonna tell you anyway.
I was doing my bad DDR thing -
yes, by myself. its good exersize in my opinion, and a good excuse not to study -
anywho, doing my bad DDR thing,
and the thing decides its not going to save my scores.
Please keep in mind:
i got "A"s on:
-Shiny Disco Balls
-That really hard R&B song that i played 6 times in a row
-AND a 5 footer that was really fase (like 150) AND that we had a "D" on

fuck the police, im sick of you xbox. i need to find another way to entertain myself.
I know, tetris.
Too bad my mom is highly competitive.
now you know what side of the family i got it from.
we've been battling over the top two scores.
currenly she's winning by a few hundred points.
but i knocked off her #2 score this afternoon.
its no more misses nice person.
cause im pissed at the xbox.

i need to get a life.
i am SO glad that OSU starts next week because i do not think i could take another week of sitting on my ass pretending to get stuff done.
pretending to get stuff done is a challenging thing to do.
take it from me: i've been doing it for three weeks.

speaking of "doing it."
funny story.
Tried to talk my mom into the big B.C. or as the hardcore churchies call it: B.K. - not burger king
Guys wont want to hear the story. They'll be grossed out.
Girls probably do. remind me to tell you later.

I would like to make an announcement to all the assholes in the audience today.
(yes, that means you.)
boys, for the love of god... wait, i shouldnt be sexist, there are some pervy squirrels out there.
let me start over:
guys and girls, listen up. if youre into youre whole little "hey lets be boyfriend and girlfriend" or "hey, lets make out every once in awhile." for the love of god, if you have been going out, for lets say... i dont know, less than a year, DO NOT, let me repeat: DO NOT under any circumstance tell your "buddy" that if they dont a) make out with you more often b) have sex or c) let you go down on them that you will dump them or it will "not work."
seriously, you will look like a bigger asshole than you already sometimes project yourself to be.
and this time, im not even talking about anyone specifics. I have used specifics, indeed, i have mentioned them, but that doesnt mean somebody else was gonna do that.
hell, i was planning on doing that.
no, not really.
but if i had, i would have changed my mind because it is a poor idea.
and you will find a bag of flaming dog poop on your porch in the morning.
just a public service announcement from your local whore.
now back to the show, because thats what best friends are for.
i lurv you.

another thing.
if the person you are "seeing" tells you they "dont want a relationship right now" that means they think youre hot and they'd do you. make out with them if you want, thats probably as far as its going to go. if they go as far to say "lets just be friends" after that, that means they are bored with you and they want somebody else's hot ass.
just a word from the wise.
as you can see, im finally catching on to this whole dating thing.
i feel like i should write a book.
well, since ive already written so much today, i probably have written a novel already.

im off to put a pair of fishnets on my neighbor's dog - hows that for an image. no, i acutally wouldnt do that cruel cruel world. that would be... well... cruel.

editors note: while this entry was inspired by true events, they are not pointed at anyone and are here for the purpose of stopping people from making the same mistakes/ getting pissed off in certain situations. in fact, ive learned a lot from you myself. gracias. learn something new every day...

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