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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Mood: reaaaaaaaaaally tired/need a shower/grumpy/pensive
Music: believe me natalie - the killers
Color: blue... and orange - weirdddd
Vice: driving myself to school and setting up lunch dates.

i would say we got in our first fight last night, but it wasn't really a fight.
it was more of a discussion of what i thought was wrong with us.
but i didnt think anything was wrong with us.
hes wonderful. actually wonderful.
maybe he's not in as deep as i assumed. maybe thats good.
hes wonderful. absolutely wonderful.

gimme some vodka.
for my mother's doctor appointment, she wasnt allowed to eat or drink anything besides clear liquids and shit soapy shit she was required to drink a gallon of. i didn't try it.
i suggested gin and vodka.

i haven't heard from you in 2 days. muahahhahahahahaha. i am weak.

so the choir is supposed to go to China this summer. its like $3000 to go, and i plan on it. However, everyone else doesnt think theyre going.
i would not be looking forward to a summer vacay without my buddays. Especially a choir tour. I need those people there.
I need KTP.
I need Jonah.
I need Joel.
I need Alex Pfender - he doesnt even know if he's going!
I need Joannah.
Tiffany Bird is going. But i don't think she'll quench my choir thirst.

thats an image for you.

i have to go drive to school so i can get a parking spot cruel cruel world...

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