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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Mood: Sick - i cant really breathe through my nose..
Music: Shh - Frou Frou, Its Good to be in Love - Frou Frou, Ready Or Not - Refugees
Color: blue
Vice: winmx and "salon groups"

these cucumber eyes are lying more as i smile

Twelve Dimensions of Intimacy:
1. Emotional - Sharing your feelings: joys, fears, hopes, attachments
2. Intellectual - Sharing your ideas, sharing knowledge
3. Aesthetic - Sharing beauty, art, music
4. Creative - Appreciation of making things
5. Recreation - Shared interest in going out, having fun, and relaxing
6. Work - equivalent energy dedicated to/importance of work, housework, work on relationships
7. Crisis - (problems from outside relationship) sharing problems, supporting each other, working together to solve a problem, listening and giving council
8. Conflict - (problems within relationship) problem-solving together, working things out, helping each other with other conflicts
9. Commitment - bonding together, reliability
10. Spirtual - sharing views/values, being open to differences/new ideas, not just religion
11. Communication - ability to get point across and to listen effectively
12. Sexual - sharing what it is to be a male/female, physical pleasure not just sex, gender differences/appreciation.

taking all these things into consideration, i suppose that means we're... intimate? that sounds so odd. I guess youre my first.

Yesterday was my first day of OSU. It was, shall we say, right on the money, when it came to chaos, stress, and the terror i expected.
I think college is really false. You walk around campus, and you're like "damn, where did all these hot people come from?" Well everybody in Corvallis knows they come from California, but thats besides the point. The point is, regardless of how hard you try, the "hot" population you see wandering around campus is not a good cross section of what will be in your classes. I discovered this in freshman bio. oops. no hot lab partner for 2 reasons: 1. there are none (well okay, maybe like 2, and i sat next to one at the lecture, and he was DUMB.) 2. my mommy said im not allowed to be lab partners with "anyone who wears their hat backwards or wants my notes." I suppose thats reasonable criteria? daaaamn, that rules out a lot of people. Maybe i should just be lab partners with a girl - that would solve all my problems. College is about expirementation... oy.
BI101 was really simple. We went over the syllabus for 50 minutes. And that was that. Nothing out of my grasp. Film History might kill me tho. Youre entire grade is based on ONE final. No homework. No quizzes. No attendance checks. Just the final test. 20% of the class fails. Hopefully, i will be in the 50% that gets an A. I am just looking forward to going to my 7-12 lab at night to watch movies. The first five weeks are silent film - i am going to have to have someone call me chronologically to make sure i am awake...

ready or not
here i come
you cant hide
gonna find you
and take it slowly
ready or not
here i come
you cant hide
gonna find you
and make you want me

I am confusing myself to the max. Not only am I a terrible flirt, but i fear I'm giving the people the wrong impression. Note to self: not interested.

This morning, we had a "salon discussion" about relationships. (See aforementioned "intimacy" dimensions) Great timing, just what i wanted to talk about today. Last night, Anna and I had a chat. It was good to get it out, and she's an awesome person for listening. anywho, i was in a group with Whitney Ellison, Paige O'Brien, Collin Landforce, and Mitch Pyles. Now, if you know any of these people, you can have a good idea of how the conversation went down. It was weird cause i seemed to be the only person totally chill with not having children right after getting married, possibly not getting married, being a liberal, and divorce being a good thing (in some cases.) Apparently the only reason divorce should exist is when there is "abuse." But what defines abuse? There are so many forms of abuse that even arguing in front of a child could scar them - case and point. It was a really interesting discussion, but i think i would have a different group the next time.

How many people actually jump through all the hoops for the USC film application? i'm just curious, i still have 3 essays/creative writing pieces to produce. frick.
frick on a stick with a brick.
a la scrubs.

i think i have to go clean house, and then go to my bio lab.
woot? try again cruel cruel world.

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