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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Mood: afterglow
Music: anthems for a seventeen year-old girl - Broken Social Scene and the dumbing down of love - frou frou
Color: maroon
Vice: realizing i can do it without it

used to be one of
the rotten ones
and i liked you for that
now you're all gone
got your makeup on
and you aint coming back
(can't you come back)

bleaching your teeth
smile and flash
talking trash under your breath
(under my window)

park that car
drop that phone
sleep on the floor
dream about me

last night was a true insomniac moment. awake for 23 hours straight gets you thinkin crazy. just asked dan, we were on the phone for over two hours.
i never did get my lullaby.

macky got me hooked on this song while i was amped. i cant think without it going through my head now.
it really is the anthem for a 17 year-old girl, cruel cruel world.

shall we go looking for love together?

no box o chocolates. lets invest in someone new...

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