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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Mood: awesome.
Music: desperate housewives muzak
Color: orange
Vice: lesley, because shes a piiiimp ("I'm not a pimp! I'm a WHORE!")

I am on the phone with les. here is what she says:
"Putting a headband on while your on the phone is so hard! but i did it!"
- Lesley
"I hate it when you quote me when i dont say anything cute."
- Lesley again.
"God, fuck you."
- Lesley... AGAIN!
"Natalie wants to jump Joel Egli's bones! HAH! TYPE THAT!"
- Lesley, being a HO! (she kids. i kid)

she has no short term memory. sad.

she is such a pimp. i am so jealous.
"I'm not a pimp! ER! How many times do i have to tell you that! I'm really hungry, i wonder what my family had for dinner..."
she bought me camo. for homecoming. are we still going?

I have 2 more college apps done. yeah apps, blow me.

i hate you so bad, almost as much as you hate me cruel cruel world.

this post was brought to you the phone conversation that i am currently having with lesley. all quotes are verbatum. even the one about joel. although, not necessarily true. maybe if youre lucky.

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