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Friday, October 01, 2004

Mood: the bitch blew up - mt. saint helens that is...
Music: good to be in love - frou frou
Color: ash
Vice: magmaaaaa

I am actually really confused right now.
and theres nothing i can do about it.

I'm not sure what you meant by any of that, but i am fairly sure that i am not ready to make any decisions about it, and i am not stable enough to see you yet.

that is all.

last night was rediculous. if my best friend was any more in demand, i might kill myself.

...gonna find you and make you want me...

went out to dream with macky for an hour last night. it was really good to get to talk to her. We had a really good conversation about bunny's options, my options (what has JUST happened at that point) and what was to come. I told her about California, because we hadn't talked much about it. She agrees with Lesley and Hannah when it came to that one person. Its hard to believe, its really surreal.

I had another "prophetic/unconscious speaking to the conscious" dream last night. It was odd. It involved dance dance, hooking up, and looking towards the future.

I cried last night. I decided a week ago i was going to stop doing that over matters that dont deserve to be cried over. Its rediculous.

Lesley and I also had a terribly shallow/deep converstation. According to my phone we talked for 69 minutes and 50 seconds, but it seemed much longer than that. We figured so much out, and worked on so much. Our senior years are just becoming one large learning experience. Too bad everything we're learning is detrimental and hard to accept. Oh well. Shit happens.

High-O-Scope starts soon. I have to grow parsley for biology. I feel like cheating just so i can win the "who has the largest seedling" competition.
I dont think i will tho. I wont be able to get a hold of acidic water, and apparently thats the way to do it.
wait a minute, i have fishtank water... thats slightly acidic at my house...
bwahhah... let the growing games begin...

the bitch blew up around 12 today. congrats oregon, we're in the news again, and it has nothing to do with abductions, poor funding, and nader. wahoo! its clearly the year of natural disasters cruel cruel world!

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