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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Mood: crazy.
Music: crazy freestyle violins x6
Color: black and white
Vice: pimpin. she's a pimp, you know?

The following are 25 things from these past two days that you should either a) know about, b) have heard about, or c) learn from. Enjoy.

Natalie's 25 conclusions of this week.

1. Lesley and I deserved to get 100% on our driving tests, but the fucking DMV likes to make it so nobody is perfect. ( I didnt turn my head enough when looking for a train, and she didnt change lanes fast enough.)
2. Sophomore boys are rediculous. I think that says as much as i need to say.
3. I hate German Expressionism. Especially those that are silent horror/melodramas. Well, I like the artistic side, but the rest of it blows. Yes, i mean you Dr.Calvari
4. The guy at DVD world is not your friend. He is an ass. Avoid talking to him if you can - he'll just tell you that you need to not rent the movies and actually go to your film class lab.
5. People think I need a boyfriend. They are sadly mistaken. I am happy alone, I think we've all established that, and it is doing the world a favor that I am not putting someone through my "busy schedule."
6. The more homecoming dates, the better.
7. I am not getting sick. But those Safeway bastards wont give me a flu shot. Frick.
8. I have an itch. Ow.
9. I find it terribly inconvieniant that I am only online and willing to talk when other people are not. Everybody left me messages, but nobody was there to get my reply.
10. Lesley might get a car before I do. Okay, it might be a truck, but regardless - that sucks balls.
11. My back hurts with the pain of a thousand suns. Ow.
12. CWX will be the death of me. It is actually driving me crazy. Hardest class EVER. If you are not in Carman's CWX, you have NO idea. No idea whatsoever. Seriously, people that have hated me since freshman year have taken a liking to me in that class because we all know that we have to stick together or die. Even Erin said that she and Kelly were talking about how skinny i looked in class the other day. Wanna know how i got so skinny? Here's the secret to my diet:
a) eat what you want.
b) eat when you get hungry
c) dont exersize. at all.
d) sit on your ass as much as possible.
e) laugh. A lot.
f) dont eat when your pissed off.
g) dont eat when thinking about CWX ( all the time)
thanks for the compliment kids. It was an ego booster for about 45 seconds, and then i realized i have another essay due monday.
13. I have a bio midterm next monday. Speaking of which, tomorrow is bio boy day. I think I am going to play dumb, tell him my best friend is a lesbian/in a serious relationship, and giggle. A lot.
14. When boys give you a "look" and tell you that they are "romantic," RUN LIKE HELL. I didn't, but i should have. It was a poor decision on my part - should have escaped when i had the chance...
15. Working on "calculus" means screwing somebody in the hall. In the wise words of RJ, use protection. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.
16. Don't forget to rock out with your cock out. Or hang out with your wang out. Your choice.
17. brown is beeeeautifulll! if you dont like it, get over it.
18. Bau is wundebar. send my love to the kids.
19. I am asexual. Minus the "sexual"... and the "a"... dammit.
20. i need to spend less time blogging, and more time writing. writing, as in college essays, notes, scripts, school essays (fuck. due monday.), random things, and anecdotes. I am also still working on my stand up routine. Run like hell, fuckers. You are so in it.
21. exes jump to conclusions. when they do, make sure your best friend is there to tell them that they are REDICULOUS conclusions and you NEVER would have done the things that they thought you were going to do, and that they were WRONG WRONG WRONG. but thats okay. we can be friends now.
22. Contrary to popular belief, not all girls enjoy "the shocker." Actually, a majority of them do not. Sorry Dan, giving advice to Stuart is not a good idea in the future.
23. Love me, love my bunny. You get one, you get the other.
24. My family is ill. I suggest wearing gas masks at my house.
25. Text books are the equivalent of bug repellant - if i were a bug. Icky icky bad bad.

Cruel cruel world, where was i going with this?

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