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Monday, October 18, 2004

Mood: mmm... cookies
Music: cautioners - jimmy eat world (i am so buying the new cd tomorrow... FUCK! STOP SPENDING MONEY!)
Color: cookie
Vice: college essays... no, not really a vice... more like cookies...

you take your steps away with hesitence, you take your steps away from me.

yum. cookies are delicious.

is it wrong to bite a puppy? Dan doesnt seem to think so. But he read up on it, and he's clearly educating his child puppy. Let me tell you, every phone call at midnight is worth every penny. especially the puppy stories and the promises of milkshakes from his roommates. 5 guys. woot. that will be a weekend to remember.

like i said. these cookies are delicious fantabulous. thank you chips ahoy.

i bet these cookies came from idaho.
idaho? no, udaho!

whats with all these retards really stupid people with livejournals? *ahemBUNNYahem*
we all know once you go livejournal, you dont ever go back.
livejournal doesnt even make sense. its a journal... is it alive? no. stupid livejournal. you make no sense.
and all of those stupiders who are like "this journal is for FRIENDS ONLY!" and then youre required to sign up for a livejournal or you cant read their shit anymore.

im a big fan of the strikethrough

i think im going to go snog with my essay some more.
not really snog. just kinda stare at it and pretend like i care.
i care about you almost as much as pearl harbor sucked cruel cruel world.

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