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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Mood: sleepy bo bleepy
Music: its good to be in love - frou frou
Color: brun
Vice: burnt cds, talking to that one person, skipping film history lab, LCS

I skipped film history lab because i didnt feel like watching a really long silent melodrama.

nat12321o: its 2.5 hour silent melodrama
lebunny123: ack
lebunny123: death
nat12321o: no kidding

yeah, its pretty much death. So i'm watching it while i multitask tomorrow. YESSSSS!

news flash: that one person needs to call me so we can talk about that other person and arrange that one thing so that that one thing works out.

I woke up Arlen this morning. He needed it. I am so glad i did it, because that way he can now eat breakfast like a big kid.
and chill with the dorm kitty.
it had rabies.
and nobody can be friends with it because of that.
but its okay, cause the kitty understands.

SATs are saturday. i still dont feel like studying. really, why bother at this point? i've pretty much fucked myself over by not studying up to this point, so i can just suck it up and take the test.
my mother still thinks i am studying. she is sadly mistaken. f the sats. i studied my ass off the first two times, and i did not do well.
shit happens. the sats just dont like me.
shit piss fuck.

my parents argued again tonight.
actually, they bickered.
like, if a republican got in a fight with jacob minne (which is not necessarily a bad thing!)
my dad must be a republican at heart. being in the upper income range, and an asshole, i'd say he fits that niche perfectly. just slides in that crevace. right. anywho, he doesnt like john edwards because he used to be a malpractice attourney - so what? the man is a friggin doctor, so i cant say that i blame him for not liking malpractice laywers. his malpractice payments increased $30,000 - that could have been a year of college, or my car. but it its not, it is malpractice hoohah.
call me naive. call me ignorant. i dont really care. all i know is that my parents kinda bitched at each other because my mother, for once in her life, has decided to proclaim her love for john kerry, when in reality, its probably an "anybody but bush" circumstance. Kerry just happens to fit the mold. but my mom picked a fight about how my dad was like a "racist" because him disliking edwards for being a malpractice laywer is like disliking a canidate for being black. so what? my dad is like "its my opinion. i'm voting for kerry, but i dont really agree with everything edwards says." and my mom went off on some "what are you talking about?!" rampage and i put a pillow over my head and silently mouthed the words along with tom brokaw. They stopped for a minute, and i slowly removed the pillow from my head, and the fingers from my ears to inspect the damage. Then it, just like mt. saint helens, erupted again, and i got up from the couch, went downstairs with my little brother, and dance dance revolutioned until the debate was over, my mother quit tetris, and my father was watching last comic standing.
they are soooo weird.
im sure everybody will give their two bits in the comments about how my father is an asshole and my mother is soooo right about kerry being awesome and what not, but did it ever occur to anyone that i dont care what people think? i think we ALL know that i have previously established opinions about my parents, and that is all i really care about. You can tell me about how right my dad is because "edwards is TOTAAAALLLLY wrong" (question: who would actually do that on my blog?) and i wouldnt care. You could tell me that my mother was nuts, and i probably wouldnt listen.
ive kinda stopped caring about things that dont matter.

go figure. does the mantra "not my problem" work after all?
I had a lovely lunch with a group of girls i usually wouldnt find myself with. Callie, Sarah, Alex, Les, and a few girls i dont know the name of. It was really interesting, ive never known those girls very well (except for les, DUH.) and it was really cool just to chill with them. And they thought me and les were funny. including the part about the fat kid loving cake. i am a bad person for still using that LAME line.

Max called me today. He left me a message cause i didnt hear my phone the first time. He was stuck in traffic on the way home when he called and left messages the first time. He kind of sang, i cant remember. I did call him back, he was eating a tomato, i was working on bio and watching the debate. It was an enjoyable conversation. I hope he comes to visit me and Dan while i'm in LA.
btw, 37 days. thank the looooorddddddd.

look, you just missed your bus cruel cruel world. Run like hell.

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