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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Mood: sleepy. Like, you have no idea.
Music: somebody told me - the killers
Color: yellow
Vice: partying with bunny

last night was off the hizzy. like, you have no idea.
It started off all innocent! Les and I went to Jamie's for some overpriced dinner. (again, you have NO idea) We were laughing histerically, making flowers out of napkins, and drinking our bottomless cokes (cherry and chocolate, respectively.) Then, out of nowhere, I see these guys walk by the window and im like "HEYOHHH!" they walk in, and i suddenly slouch to the floor.

Its the cute boy i sit next to in bio lab and recitation.
I almost pissed myself.
I was really glad lesley goes "SIT UP STRAIGHT!"
So i did. But almost pissed myself in the process.
He tried to make us notice him.
But i pretended not to. Go me.
He is sooooooooooooo pretty.
Like that deserves more than five "o"s
We survived tho. I have to face him on wednesday. Gar.

We then went to the stack concert at old world deli - not a moment too soon. We hung out with Ben, made the rounds with Nora and others, and then Sam, Ben T, Joel G, Yorgi, and some other guy showed up.
We skipped "Maria full of Grace."
We went to Joels.
And rocked out with our cocks out.
That doesnt really rhyme once you put it in past sense.
Well, we were gonna hang out with our wang out.
Hah, better.
But ew.
So i proceded to kick Joel and Yorgi's asses at FUSIONNNN FREEENNNNZZZYYYYY!
(The computer beat me. Sad.)
But we had a good time burning the hell out of each other.
Then Joel used the blender.
It was delicious.
Lesley gave head to a smurf (not really. but close enough)
I threw one back.
Burned one down (sort of) and then contributed to the compost pile.
Hopefully, i didnt set it on fire.
Thank you, Peter.
Joel was gone.
I was almost.
Lesley was sort of.
Sam was dancing to Pirate music.
And Yorgi was trying to hit on me and Les.
N-O. Not happening.
Ben and I tangoed. It was soooo good. (again, you have NO idea)
last night was fabbity fab fab.
Lets do it again, cruel cruel world.
wishing there were more idiots in the world...

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