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Monday, November 08, 2004

Mood: emo, but i dont know why. oh wait, yes i do.
Music: Anthems for a 17 year-old girl - Broken Social Scene and The Plan and Carry the Zero- Built to Spill
Color: blank
Vice: talking shit about myself/making sure my fly is zipped

first and foremost: if i have not told you the story of how i have OCD checked my fly as soon as i enter the school building since about the 5th day of freshman year, it is a heartfelt story that im sure you would love to hear.
Here's the short version:
5th day of freshman year.
walked into school with my fly unzipped.
somebody pointed it out.
i got all embarrassed and thought my life was over.
preeettty much.
so i have checked every day as soon as i entered the school. however, i have been training myself to skip that step of my morning routine because it is quite odd to witness and i am sick of being afraid.
i have been forcing myself not to check, and today was the first day i naturally didnt go to check.
but nooooooooooo.
so im reading the dictionary in CWX.
look down at the desk.
oh, hewwo zipper! why are you down?
fucking hell. its back to old routines for me... never fucking again.
i bolted out like there was no fucking tomorrow.
then i realized i should have walked around with my zipper down in protest all day.
then i realized that even though my underwear was really cute (and next to nonexistant... sorry, T.M.I.) they made that new rule about how your underwear is not supposed to show.

News flash: speaking of old habits, I am sick of people talking about my current situation of social affairs, so i am going to refrain from discussing it anymore on my blog. There are at least 5 people talking behind my back about situations, so ive decided ive had enough of the drama, and ill continue to let you all jump to your own conclusions about my life. one of the reasons i had this blog is so i could clear up exactly what i was thinking rather than you all talking shit about me. but noooooo, you all had to go and ruin that gift that i gave. i give up, i can only please so many people, and im beginning to think i should listen to marcus and do what makes me happy for once instead of compromizing my happiness to make others happy.
i am so tired of this.( only bunny really understands me, and thats one of the many reasons why i lub her.) i cant please everyone.

As punishmentfor all your trivial little actions/trash talking/gossiping (i thought we werent in middle school kids - thats where we learned you dont gossip about your friends unless you want them to find out), dont expect any new posts until i get back from cali.

its the gift that keeps on giving cruel cruel world.

this is nat signing off for the week of november 7-14th.
this is bullshit you guys. grow up by the time i get back, PUHLEEEEEZ.

now back to your regularly scheduled bio-midterm study session...

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