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Monday, November 29, 2004

Mood: i feel like an asshole. sort of.
Music: drop it like its hot - snoop dogg and vertigo - U2
Color: black
Today is: square dance day/lie to everyone that asks questions you dont want to answer day

I feel like an asshole, for 3 reasons:
1. Poor Marcus had to put up with me babbling about brewhaha and whatnot last night. I am sorry Marcus, you are awesome.
2. I told Jonah he should ask Joanna to dub-f, therefore leaving me dateless.
3. People I know read this, I don't know they read this, and they read about themselves.

I really shouldnt care. One of the reasons I post thing here is so people can really see what I think of them. I wouldn't put anything here that I wouldn't want someone to see. Trust me, I have a whole hidden blog for that out in cyberspace under a name no one will recognize.
haha, suckas. What i really think about you is out in the middle of nowhere, and EVERYBODY is reading it.
Not really.
Oh well.
Where is my snoop dogg cd? Damn you KDUK, send me my cd...

Suddenly wishing i was in Manhattan when U2 did that concert on the truck.

so here's the deal: if you read about yourself on my site, and you have a problem with it, leave a comment, and i'll address it. Don't speak to me in person. Don't call me on the phone. Just email me or something, and i'll have a royal brawl.
Its in the first amendment fucker. deal with it.
(is it really? I hardcore studied for my government exam, and i still cant remember anything...)
I guess thats the drugs talking.
Speaking of which, I have finals next week.
I need to call Macky cruel cruel world.


take me to dub-f? time to start calling in favors...

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