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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Mood: im a bad person. admit it.
Music: numbencore - JZLP (props to Arlen for agreeing with me that it is a-okay.)
Color: hollywood. yep. thats a color.
Today is: use even if the seal is broken day (oh god.)

all the people in the crowd, grab a partner take it down...

so... tennis...
right. that was quick. it wasnt even the weekend yet.
i feel kind of bad, i mean, of course i should. but lets be adults: it was consenusal.
I think i ruined it though. I pulled a major "girl" and talked... a lot... about how bad i felt, and that kind of ruined some moments.
and then there were those moments where we would both crack up because of something somebody said on real world.
i adore him. i really do. you know who you are.

im starting to think that im kind of shy... at least id like to be.

god, i really want to go dancing. like no other... can we make somebody's house into a club this weekend and have a huge party? please? maybe i should make "Club Nat Dawg" in my basement. how fuckin hot would that be? so fuckin hot.
whos parents are going out of town? party at their house... club... actually.
DJ Nat Dawg is available by reservation. actually, just call me. ill be around. ha ha ha.

had a moment with MJ yesterday. she was laughing about how she put her underwear on inside out, so i obviously had to tell her the story about putting a thong on the wrong way.
trust me, its NOT that hard to do. especially when theyres not much too it.

i just love the beat in mockingbird on eminem's encore album. i dont really care about the words, which are about eminem's daughter (in an actual serious light) and his family. its an actual beautiful song (until he ruins it in the VERY last few lines about killing the mocking bird if he "fucks with daddy") but i really like it anyway. the beat is just killer.

we dont know why we feel this way inside cruel cruel world

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