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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Mood: kinda icky - in more ways than one. i also feel really dependant. i hate that feeling.
Music: Stellar - Incubus (we all know its the acoustic version!), we might as well be strangers - keane
Color: fog
Vice: oh god. you dont even want to know.

I went to the football game with Les and Marcus last night. That was after an entire day of high-o-scope, anorexia, being asked out (longgggg story), getting ditched by a wingman (its okay samo, youre forgiven), frantically trying to find a new wingman, subway, and lesley tracking poop in my car. woot.
The football game went down like this:
Samo was going to be my pseudo-wingman so that i wouldnt just be chillin with marcus and lesley. Turns out he's got this 10pg psych paper to write and a UO visitation on sunday, so he turns it down last minute, which is chill, because i should be at home studying for my bio midterm anyway. So i call mini-Dan. His mother, who answers the phone, immediately tells me he's "eating dinner" (doesnt even say "hello." just as soon as the phone is picked up, its "he's eating dinner.") and she's taking him "and some friends to the game later." i tell her i was going to invite him to come with us, but if he has plans, he doesnt have to call me back. mini-dan later tells me that he would have ditched his friends had he posessed my number, which i know for a fact he has had on 3 seperate occasions. so no excuses, bub.
so much for that. she's all nice and stuff, so no worries. knowing what a pimp mini-dan is, i bet she gets crazy calls from girls all the time. Or max. or Zeke. whatever.
So i call tony. he's cant go. However, (*i forget her name*) asks me about him on behalf of her friend, who is adorable. he dresses all vintage and has just died his platnum hair bright blue. whatever. tony cant come, i am without a wingman.
we go to china-d.
hella busy.
we go to king-tin (which i dont really like)
hella busy.
ruby tuesday?
hella busy.
hella busy.
so we got to subway. buy 12" (totally unrealistic, even though ive had two pieces of gum ALL DAY.) and make lesley clean the crap out of my car. literally.
drive to the game.
park in the grass.
It was cold.
Les and I went and sat with marcus on the CV side.
(I didnt see *him*, so i looked for a new objective for the night. (note: i JUST realized where he was. we'll talk later.))
Some boys were shooting spitballs.
I sit uncomfortably by myself on a wet bleacher while les and marcus sit in front of me.
Marcus had to leave to pick up his sister or whatever. so he leaves.
I cant help noticing that that one boy is cute* (*not the one who wanted me to sit on his lap, the one with the awesome hat, bobby rampton, or the exchange student who's name i cant remember.) I don't say anything to Lesley because I know she'll tell marcus, and marcus will do something about it. HAH, now you dont know. whatever. thats another lost cause. not going to happen.

Lesley and i leave the CV side because it is too depressing, and we dont want to get hit by spitballs. We go back to the CHS side.
After waiting obsessively for the streaker, who never shows (FRICK! MISSED IT FOR THE FOURTH YEARRRR!) we chill with Ann Carey (literally) and i spy Max. One of my favority-favorites (Daniel is obviously first in line) and we wander over to say "hi." Mini-Dan is over there in addition to a whole bunch of other sophomores.
Katie, i am so sorry. i realize that i am such a hypocrite, and i have done everything i stood against for sophomore year. i feel like such a tard, giving my sister crap about it, and then doing it myself. but heres what i'm thinking: it wasnt chill at the time because these were people MY age. Yet, rob is not their age (although he knows them - SAD) so he probably could care less.
i am SUCH a hypocrite.
I have just decided i am not going to have any part of it, even though lesley said she wouldnt judge, and marcus said he would.
if my sister was dead, she'd roll in her grave. instead, since she's not dead, she'll probably just laugh at me.
we are more the same than i thought we were. sad. i feel so un-unique.
Mini-Dan immediately pushes some blonde out of his lap and offers me the seat next to him. (Weird.) and i sit on the cold metal while my feet and ass freeze.
Mini-Dan asks me about california, and i spill some details. Max asks me about the interview, while Mini-Dan gets all jealous that im going to chill with my favoritey-favorite Daniel. But he says thats okay, because he's his namesake, and he seems pretty chill. Max and i talk film, while Mini-Dan gives me crap about california. So i start talking about whats-her-butt to make him shut up about my trip. He tells me that whats-her-butt, who at the beginning of the night was "a sure thing," but has gone off to hang with her friends.
The little pimp continues about how he doesnt think that she likes him anyway.
whatever. not my problem.
he hits on me for a few minutes, and then i decide its time to go find les.
she's sitting with callie torbit and sarah miller and ann carey, all of whom i now adore.
marcus, whom i call, is apparently already sitting on the other side.
its 42-0, spartans. or maybe i should say 42-0, jarren simmons.
les decides she doesnt want to go to the other side.
so i go back to find mini-dan.
he's being herded with some other boys in the direction of the bathroom.
they travel in flocks. WEIRD.
so i chill with les, until we decide to go to the CV side for the last 10 minutes.
i see macky on our way over there. she's just arrived with nick, is totally gone, and is wearing eyeliner.
note to macky: eyeliner = hot.
i spy jacob, and i pull an "operation: move lesley to the cv side" faster than you can say "peanutbutterjellytime" we bust out of there and towards the cv side.
We get over there, and there is no room. Marcus makes space for les, and tries to make room for me. instead, some kid in a brown sweatshirt offers me his lap. i consider taking it, and then realize that bobby rampton and brian sexton* (-not sure/hehehehehhehehehehheheeh.) are threatening to shoot us with spitballs.
as we're talking, one hits les in the head (go figure) and we bust out. theyre all laughing, lesley is pissed, i am confused, cause i didnt actually see anything hit her.
we go to the chainlink fence when i get a call. you think that lesley would have seen through the whole "mom" bit ( IM SORRY LESLEY!!!!!! I LUB YOU! you'll thank me in the long run...) but knowing me, its a conspiricy between me and marcus- he's calling to find out why we left, and he's voulentarily chasing us down the side of the chainlink fence. i make les stop, and i spy him across the track. he keeps me on the phone until he can get back to les, and then i make the decision that its time to go.
at least for me.
i leave those silly kids to their own devices for the night, and journey home to listen to bad pop music and watch vh1's best red carpet moments.
friday was like none other cruel cruel world. i should stop procrastinating and write my reading logs.... NOW.
did i listen to pop music because i was miserable, or did pop music make me miserable?


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