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Friday, November 12, 2004

Mood: kinda sleepy. i have an ucky taste in my mouth.
Music: moulin rouge
Color: red and gold. not like the samuaris raiders
Vice: dan's appartment

so far things are aiiight. Dan, Devon, Sameer, and I went to the Ellen Degeneres Show yesterday. It only took like... 45 minutes to tape, but it was a blast. we all just danced around and looked like idiots for 45 minutes... which for me isnt to out of the ordinary.

I would go on, but at this point, i am too stressed about my interview, and frankly, a little irritated about other things. i sleep for maybe... meh... 6 hours, which we all know is not nearly enough.
i think i need some water, a quickie, and a throat losange before i go to my interview.
but we cant all have what we want cruel cruel world.

still boggled that i didnt do it, and he did that.

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