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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Mood: like the energizer bunny... still going...
Music: everything from last night
Color: red (plastic cup style)
Vice: partying like theres no tomorrow...

i regret to inform you all that i probably will not blog until i return home, and even later, maybe into monday. i've been... very active with very little sleep, and i still have not had time to do my CWX writing logs. in fact, i should do those while people are asleep (now.)
All i have to say is that this weekend has been fabulous, the party last night was probably one of the best of my life, and there have been so many "movie moments" its like i should be documenting this weekend on film.
I have not brought my camera everywhere with me. i have seriously taken 2 pictures, cause i keep forgetting to take it places, or i dont want actual documentation of an event. har.
talk to you whackoes later. im going yhb huntin cruel cruel world... hahahahahhahahah

now that my wishes have been fulfilled, i think i can move on now... mini?

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