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Friday, November 26, 2004

Mood: SO tired
Music: Brad and Ethan - I had a Dream and Yellow Penelope
Color: Yellow... Penelope
Today is: the day after thanksgiving/shopping reminder day/dont buy stuff day

i just took a quiz that said my pussy is lonely.
how pathetic. i need to find more constructive things to do with my time.

hmm. i dont feel like whining to you for once.

but to keep you coming back:
a preview of Bunny and Murmaid's (Prude and Whore's) book:
Reasons why your boyfriend will like you more if you have a best friend:
1. Information
2. Lesbian Fantasies
3. Revenge - Just in case

just so you know.
im to tired now cruel cruel world. i shopped till i dropped.

shall we head back to my flat? no my dear, i've already had a nightcap.

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