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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Mood: tired... not looking forward to all the work i have today
Music: the killers - somebody told me (concert december 7th? lets go, bunny...)
Color: orange and black. we won 50-21. what, mother fucka?
Today is: world hello day and false confessions day

lets procrastinate so i dont have to do homework!!!

last cigarette: last weekend with Los Angeles. I was on a balcony with Todd and Sameer and i took Sameer's cigarette from him. My mistake. He promptly lit another one, and then I was stuck with one of my own. Todd and I passed it back and forth for awhile, and then i gave it back to sameer so he was smoking two. har harhar.
last good cry: good one? i had like... half a cry in the car with lesley the other day. im such a pussy.
last library book checked out: I wanted to check out "The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green" by Joshua Braff and "Survivor" by Chuck Palanuik, but they were both overdue from some beeyoch.
last movie seen in a movie theatre: Saw. Dont get me started.
last cuss word uttered: Fuck. Anderson actually ran with the football. go fucking figure.
last beverage drank: water. I got up at 2:15 to drink some. damn alcohol.
last food consumed: popcorn while i watched my movie for film class.
last phone call: marcus called me at 11:15, which isnt too unusual, except i passed out at 9:30. he felt bad for waking me up, but it wasnt so bad. im not even quite sure why he called me. he said something about lesley going to a play, him going to play video games, and them now going to hang out. i remember i was confused because they were going to hang out at 11:15, but not my problem. i promptly fell back asleep.
last tv show watched: er... ellen degeneres show - i was making my mom watch the tape of the show i saw.
last shoes worn: outlet roma pumas. they must be ruined thanks to the football game.
last cd played: killers - hot fuss
last item bought: a "beaver nation" balla band. helllaaaa
last annoyance: the fact i realized i have to write my essay today and bio portfolio. both due tomorrow.
last disappointment: the fact i absolutely cannot get an A (actually an -A) in bio unless i get a perfect score on my portfolio and final (combined 100 pts.) AND add in the three extra credit points i have (otherwise i would have a B) its not going to happen.
last soda drank: i havent had any in awhile... maybe a C2 on friday...
last time trippin on drugs?: i dont "trip" for the record... but the LA weekend. saaaaaaaad. unless you consider alcohol a drug, and then it was last night.
last time in love: i dont believe in love. pretty much. i dont think ill ever be in love. just facinated.
last time hugged: last night at the football game when dan and terri realized it was my last football game... EVER. :( saaaaad
last shirt worn: im wearing one now? no. not. uh. last night, orange track jacket.

1 HOUR AGO: sleeping.
1 DAY AGO: footballllll
1. What do you most like about your body? i think my boobs are okay. they arent out of porportion to my body, are big enough to hold up something strapless, and they arent flat. they might give me cancer, but they are a-okay for now.
2. And least? hmm... dont get me started. if i had to stretch to say that my boobs are the best thing about my body, i could go on and on about the bad things
3. How many fillings do you have? 3, but its because the dentist lies.
4. Do you think you're good looking? only when drunk frat boys say so.
5. Do other people tell you that you're good looking? nope.

First job: babysitting. i hate children.
First screen name: deoin_natalie... at least i think thats what it was. i only had it for a few weeks, cause then it became nat12321o.
First funeral: dont remember. sang at it for choir tho.
First pet: captain the fish. there were 6... chronologically... saaaaaaaaaaaad.
First piercing: ears
First Lust: first lust? as in distinguished from first crush? we're not going to talk about that... sort of... my first lust was fairly recent... oy.
First love: i dont believe in love. however, the first person i thought i was in love with was not in love with me. clearly. thanks, dear.
First enemy: dont remember. i used to have a lot of enemies.
First concert: oh god. backstreet boys. youre jealous, i can tell.
First cd bought: village people. actually, i didnt buy it, i got it for christmas, but it was MY first cd.
First real boy/girlfriend: i would hate to say jesse, cause we didnt really do anything. i think topher and i went on a date once or twice, so i guess topher.
First swearword: bitch. in 4th grade, we used to call each other "bitches" all the time. it was awesome.
First fist fight: hasnt happened. but you just wait. there have been a few people...
First best friend: randi nash. she moved back to cali, or we would still probably be homies (she lived a block away)

Most recent-
Best friend: BUNNY. we all know it.
Crush: HAHAHAHHAHA... "beautiful popular boy who occasionally speaks to me" and "amazing inteligent soul mate who i cant have under any circumstance." (but ive kind of gotten over that one.) OH, and then theres beautiful film history boy. but that isnt going to work.
Pet peeve: ignorant people and republican nazis
School: Corvallis High
Lie: my mother just asked if i was hungover.
Outfit you loved: mmmm... wrap around sweater... pink pinstripes... macky may never get those back...
Fist fight: are you retarded? already went over this.
Thing stolen: hmm... if you stole something from me (les!) i dont know it yet.
Color: orange, black, gold, cardinal, green
Band: killers, postal service, stack
Song: lean back - terror squad
Class: high-o-scope... hahahahhahaha
Pastime: blogging and sleeping
Website: hmmm... donno...
Car: VOLVO PIMP MOBILEEEE! i really like Audi TTs tho.
Animal: ive always wanted a little monkey. christmas is coming....
Excuse: i'm not a good liar, so people can see through my excuses - if i use them at all.
Person: haha, beautiful popular boy
Family member: my mummy
Club/venue: uh, club 314? or my basement.
Food: uh... not hungry. cant think.
drink: water
WHY did you do this survey?: i was bored. didnt want to ACTUALLY blog
Who did you get it from? grant - USC dude.
If at all, who do you think will take it as well?: nobody. nobody is as lame as i am.
Who won't?: see above.
------------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------
* Missed school because it was raining: Yep. flood of 1997.
* Put a body part on fire for amusement: god no.
* Been in a car accident: nope. almost... ooooops.
* Been hurt emotionally: story of my life...
* Kept a secret from everyone: yep
* Had an imaginary friend: i dont think i ever really have.
* Cried during a Movie: yes, but its too pathetic to tell you which ones.
* Ever thought an animated character was hot: hahahahhahahah god no. the boys all look the same. tarzan did have chisels tho...
* Been on stage: yep. lots o times.
* Been sarcastic: NEVERRRRRRRR!
* Shampoo: herbal essences
* Soap: mmm dove
* Fav color/shade: dark green or black
* Summer/Winter: i like them for different reasons: winter cause i have a reason to stay inside, summer cause i have a reason to go outside.
* Cartoon Characters: uh... i used to like spongebob before he went all commercial. sorry man you were better when you were indie.
* Drink: mmmm jungle juice a Daniel's apartment.
* Movie: moulin rouge, american beauty, eternal sunshine
* Ice Cream: strawberry or peppermint
* Subject: english or art
* Girls name: rainbow sunshine glitter head
* Boys name: racecar mud fart dumptruck

havent we been over this cruel cruel world?

hope youve enjoyed this episode of my life...

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