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Monday, December 06, 2004

Mood: Fabulous
Music: Fabolous - Breathe and Jet - Look What You've Done
Color: Fabulous
Today is: national gazpacho day and mitten tree day

and all i need is just to hear a song i know...

I think I'm calling Arlen too much. Sorry buddy, I've been using your minutes every night this weekend. I promise I'll cut back.

I informed a whole new slew of people that this blog exists today. I think I may have convinced Colin (Kolen) to get a blog to record his musings. Whitney now knows of my existance. I'm beginning to wonder if this "journal" which i hold so sacred is becoming more of a slam board for me to ramble on about completely mindless things... but isnt that the benefit of having it? nobody can tell me what i can or cannot write, and i guess thats freedom of expression.
All i know is i've sucessfully blocked an IP address... which makes me feel all technologically savvy and such.
I should really be studying. my mom just did one of those "big sighs" which actually translates to (if it had a subtitle) "I really don't approve of how youre spending your time and i think you should be focusing on more imporant things like school and your future."
"focusing on my future" makes me want to do drugs and write really meth-enduced scripts and whatnot.
Does everyone in the industry use? am i going to be viewed as a prude?
haha, i just called myself a prude.
thats kind of funny, considering how i told Arlen about mini and how it would "blow his mind" if i actually went along with his request.
Make out with jailbait, Arlen. Blow her mind.
new topic: is making out really binding? just because you make out with someone shouldnt make you "together," it should just make you "attracted" right? I almost feel like i have this new stigma with making out. sick, ive got to stop calling it "making out." we'll call it snogging, which actually makes me think of egg yolks and doesnt really improve the "grossness" factor. whatever. snogging really should be like a non-binding contract, dont you think? why cant everything be simple like Archie comic books, or the 50s, where you could date more than one boy. Ever since they all became friends and got all homophobic, its not okay for them to kiss the same girl within a week.
this is wierd. this only make me look like a ho.
I'm not promiscuous - in reality, i'm terribly picky. I have standards. Lets see if we can list a few:
1. You must be as tall as I am, if not taller. (This rule is NEVER bent. for reals.)
2. You must be somewhat attractive (call it superficial if you must)
3. You must be somewhat intelligent (which we discussed in CdubX and can be intepreted mulitple ways. mine is that you must be able to make me laugh/keep a conversation/hold my interest - dont show all your cards right away.)
4. You must never pick me up. (Physically. This rule is never bent. Don't pick girls up, most of them dont like it... only the really skinny pretty ones like it.)
5. You must be of male classification (oh shoot, there goes me with my superficial high standards again...)
6. You must be older than me or no more than 1 year younger. (This rule is pending, due to availability of boys in Corvallis/retardedness/i am bored and need to be entertained)
7. We must share some common interests (that does not include Star Trek - dont EVEN get me started)
8. You must never have dated one of my friends in the past (this rule exists just for the sake of the "girl system" i dont like breaking rules or rule breakers, and i dont want to start now...)
9. You must respect all forms of music (if you have a favorite, awesome, but dont rule shit out, thats like being overly selective about jelly beans)
10. You must like me. (fucking standards...)

thats 10... is that too many? i cant think of many other things...

mmm... von dutch, i love you so bad.
fuck, i should be studying... or something... i still have a lot of bullshit to memorize...

you've made a fool of everyone cruel cruel world...

Donnie Darko: Director's Cut, Thursday night @ 7?

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