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Friday, December 17, 2004

Mood: frantic
Music: peanut vendor - OTR!
Color: Bangs
Today is: got a haircut day/leaving for hawaii day/first day of winter break day

saw Closer. was a little dissapointing. beaaaaaaaaautiful acting and cinematography tho.
i dont really have time for this. i need to finish cleaning my room and finish packing.
i leave for portland in t-minus 1.5 hours.

i really havent had time for this at all lately. im sorry. i promise once i get to Hawaii, and i get reaaaaally desperate, or im at peter and ben's house (where they have internet that i will steal) i will a) sign online, b) send you an email c) blog. im not doing postcards this year because they were entirely too labor intensive last year.
sorry. i'm a slacker.
deal with it.

so psout, cruel cruel world. dont have too much fun without me... saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

keep in mind, i will come back.
if not, same "will" rules apply... find the archive...

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