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Funny how little words spur so much controversy...
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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Mood: pre-winter formal stress
Color: sleepy
Today is: wear brown shoes day

sorry i havent blogged in awhile. ive been saving this...

poll of the hour:is 2001 better than The Chronic?
a. Duh.
b. No way!
c. what tha FACK are you talking about? stupid ho...
Arlen: a, but you couldnt really have 2001 without the original. 2001 was more refined.
Samo: a
Brian: i choose d... all of the above
Macky: psssshhh
Macky: i mean c
Me: psssshhh yourself
Macky: i guess
Me: haha
Macky: hahahaha
Me: dork
Me: dr. dre
Me: one of the best rap albums of all time
Macky: no i know i just wnated to call you a stupid ho
Me: ahhahahahah
Anna: aaaa
Lesley: i'd go with moser and c and call you a stupid ho, but then you would break up with me
Nora: uhhhhh c
Nora: are those videogames?
Ben J: no way in hell

i am so dead. and so blah.
mang. sheeeeit. piss. frick. fack. damn.

tonight, will be... hmm... a night cruel cruel world?

so they got in a fight, and now he keeps telling you that i'm cool? oh fuck, please let me be a rebound...

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