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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Mood: questionable... happy place
Music: time is running out - muse
Color: squirrely
Today is: ugh day

i feel icky, and i want to use my new shampoo - which is guaranteed to make my night.
arlen just did too. congrats. after watching Lori and Bolo, we are still looking for our gimmick for the Amazing Race. We're thinking something along the lines of "Complete Strangers"... wouldnt that work well?

question of the hour: in my situation, what would Dan do?
if he called me back like he promised 2 weeks ago, i just might know. but until then...
i should really just email him. i am such a e-tard.

i feel icky. Law and Order isnt helping. i should have gone to bed when Arlen tucked me in (even though i got up to walk him out.)
i am beginning to talk about him a lot, aren't i?

apparently theres a problem with prostitution in oregon.
i need to rebrush.

you ask a lot of questions cruel cruel world, but i dont have the answers to everything.
you are SUCH a girl. SASQ!

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