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Monday, December 20, 2004

Mood: sleepy. damn sun.
Music: radiohead and jimmy eat world
Color: ocean
Today is: first blog from hawaii day

My stomach is all twisty. I think its because of the peanut butter and banana sandwich i had for lunch.

i almost have nothing to say to you all. I have phone service on the island, and it doesnt cost any more than usual minutes, so feel free to call me anytime.

i haven't worked up the guts to try bau's closure technique... i wanted to give him a "thank you" shoutout for the other night when he called an we talked. sometimes its good to just talk to someone, regardless of how much they know or care. its kind of funny, cause people who say they care so much kind of forget about you after awhile and never call. i hadnt talked to bau for a month and he was like "hey, lets talk."
then dan called. it was the first time my phone played "Somebody told me" in about a month.

i am thinking. a lot. this is a good time for me to think lately.
i dont talk much all day, which is a surprize. not taking helps me think.
i sound incompetent.
and i am out of email time.
until then, i hope y'all are having a better vacay than i am.
call if you want to hear the ocean.
write if you wanna hear my thoughts cruel cruel world.
i love thinking that its good to be in love.

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