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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Mood: SO sleepy
Music: Kill - Jimmy Eat World and Escape - Muse
Color: Overcast
Today is: pretend not to hate Hawaii day

So i tried contacting my friends on the island, but they are not talking back.
so i walked a mile and talked to arlen on the phone.
he is such a good buddy.

For those of you that a)didnt get my MASS text message b)weren't home when i called or c)dont care enough to have me go out of my way to call you, i have been officially accepted to three out of the four colleges where i applied.
they are:
- Fordham University in New York City
- Emerson College in Boston
- Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles

Now we just wait for USC... which is the hardest of the 4 to which i applied... it is the hardest of all of them: 24 spots, 400 applications. And when youre going against people of "Ben Jay" caliber (aka, good SATS, good portfolio, good activities) its tough to have much faith in it. its extremely nerve racking. but sameer and ron have faith in me, so ive got some strong backers.
but its good to know i got in somewhere.
the fact i got into all three out of four (so far) makes me a very happy girl.
VERY happy.
happier than usual.
so happy, it almost makes me forget i am on a very negative lonely island.
(key words: negative, lonely, island.)

Jules didnt get into emerson, which makes me sad, becuase if she had gotten in, that would have been cool.
if i dont get into SC (like Lo on Laguna Beach... bwahahhahaha), i will probably go to Emerson. (so far, this is only based on academics, i will be traveling through spring to all of my schools - so again, i will be gone on all 4 day weekends and days off of school) oy. coldness.
at least Nora will only be 25 minutes away when she gets into tufts.

im ready to come home NOW cruel cruel world...
call me? im around... and clearly not busy... you already have the #

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