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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Music: sere nere - tiziano ferro and fabolous - breathe (again)
Color: fuzzy
Today is: national ding-a-ling day, natalie gets her ipod day, and recovery day

I wrote this last night after i got home from ryan's 15 minutes past curfew. This is exactly how i wrote it, including the parts i scratched out:

It's one of those weekends you wish every weekend were were like. (Except your best friend is in on it too.)
I dont care that I didnt get any action. I dont that a guy just pulled up @ my house in a very loud car - reminding me of arnold friend. I didnt care that i was a total dork. i dont care that the friendships were not as close and slightly superficial.
welcome to the fallout
welcome resistance is here
redemption is here
i dare you to make a moke.
althought wingnut was hard to suck (sorry wingnut, you've been one of the biggest i've seen, and i wasn't used to your "ghetto" resemblance & my inability to suck hard enough.)
recap: arnold friend outside is actually repairing his engine at 12:30 AM.
i enjoy the company of many different types of people.
I enjoy it. i think. yes. i do.
i just realized i'll probably spend tomorrow morning typing this instead of doing my cwx midterm (editor's note: i have finished my midterm, ALREADY.)
I alskdjf heart the cp.
I heart ryan.
I heart... people. maybe. well, some of you. maybe.
i think i gritted my teeth. my mouth tastes like wheathins.
note: "round-up" regardless of pain, muscle tension, cuncussion, or drop of blood pressure, is the funest game ever.
just add water.
my hand is cramping. i am hearing funny sounds (my heater sounds like a frog and the grudge all in one.) now i have scared myself.
its bedtime.
fack, i probably acted like an angry cunt bitch tonight.
must do it again and make up for retarded-ness
mitch found a keychain in his car? i'll give you a hint: short kleptomaniac fucker. (no joke)
once upon a time, it was time for bed, but too caught up (like destiny's child to move.)
i have a lot of cwx work to do, and i have to pack for next week.
fack. next week ill be in hawaii.
i cant wait. i should call peter and ben.
i havent talked to dan for almost 3 weeks. i hope i havent done something obnoxious to scare him off.
fuck, my hand hurts.
bedtime like no other.
p.s. we have too much in common.

last night was so fucking redic.
we'll recap.
went to Katie Payne's around 6:30 after stopping by the bank and taking out more money. (fuckkkk...) and met emma, who is really sweet. we made sushi, which i have never liked in the past, but i LOVED last night. we had a really good time quazi-gossiping and eating. left around 8 and went to ry's. he told me he was having people over, and when i arrived, it was him and mike. brendan showed up, and then miranda merrill, yes, nate merrill's little sister, showed up. she was quickly "initated" with the ice mold of a penis (what?!) and a game of "round-up" ensued (aka, you grab whatever is closest to you, and fuckin defend yourself while beating the crap out of other people.) i grabbed the squirt bottle and beat the got mike hayes for making fun of me. at one point, i was on the floor getting smacked by ry and mike. i physically couldnt move because they hit me in the head to the point where i was dizzy, but i contined to try to squirt them. the water bottle was promptly broken over my head, and i was suddenly soaked on ryans carpet. i recieved a new tshirt, and ran around. Colin and Mitch showed up, and then dusty and joel. Wingnut, colin's homemade friend came with. i was... er... mighty impressed... or something. dusty got out his cp, and we promptly got down to work (started around 10:30.) mitch left to get some more, which i barely chipped in on. I'll give colin more money tomorrow once i get more change, but i felt bad for only chipping in a little and having more than my share. they seemed pretty excited to have me there though. whatever. so we pretty much hung out outside for awhile, just chillin. and then went inside to watch tv and take pictures... of colin and ryan. colin pretttty much had his eyes closed the entire time, regardless of how hard he tried.
people started leaving, and close to midnight, ry, colin, dusty, joel, and mitch left for alyssas, and i drove home. i actually went the speed limit. weird.
i really enjoyed talking to all those guys last night. it was just a totally chill night, and im glad i didnt go out of my way to go play poker. they probably didnt want me there anyway. i felt bad for waking up lesley on my way home and telling her what happened, but i would feel rotten for not informing the best friend. i was already pissed for not calling her and inviting her already.

my last weekend before break was rediculously fun. leaving for hawaii is going to be even harder, knowing ill be on an island by myself for 2 weeks with next to no contact after having such a kick ass weekend.
i can smell the sand already.
going on thursday with arlen to lesley's dr. i was too sick to stay till the end, but it was still really fun.
friday was dinner at normals and colin's surprize b-day party. we went to part of the girl's bball game, and then to colin's party, thrown by his mother, a month and a half after his real birthday. he was... really surprized... haha. it was fun though, and ryan and i always have a blast together.

i really had an awesome time this weekend. i wish every weekend could be this fun and carefree.

i told you i faked it cruel cruel world.

we have too much in common.

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