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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Mood: tired... and upset that my final is tomorrow
Music: whatever christmassy stuff is going on in the living room
Color: green plaid... like whats on my new von dutch hat
Today is: cram everything in for finals tomorrow day (unofficially)

Winter Formal: I must admit there were times when I wanted to go home, times where I felt I could stay there forever, times when I wish I had gone stag, and times where I was glad that I had somebody with me.
Here are some highlights:
+ Having people realize that I matched Gibby
+ Laughing throughout dinner
+ When Marcus explained to the photographer how he wanted our group picture to look
+ Watching Jailbait glare at me, turn to her best friend, whisper to her, watch her best friend turn to look at me while I'm staring at her, WAITING for her to look. As soon as she's looking at me, I give a little wave and go "HI!!!!!!!" (bitches.)
+ Dancing with a sex god (not Gibby, but close...)
+ Having Evan pull me out of a chair during a swing song and twirl me and Katie around at the same time (surprizingly, he's one of my new favorite people. congrats.)
+ Dancing with Ryan Nichols
+ P & W
+ Watching Ali Stewart bust a move in the middle of a circle...
+ Rocking out to the Darkness

I will not cover the lowlights, because they are far to depressing, and you would not want to hear them. I was pissed for awhile that both Lesley AND Callie accused me of ditching Gibby when Gibby actually DITCHED ME. Yes, its true. I was ditched twice. So next time, before we point the finger of blame, lets get the whole story, shall we gals?
The stack concert was so much fun. Les and I donned our newly made "I WANNA BE LIKE MIKE" oversized t-shirts and pushed our way to the front of the crowd. Saw a whole bunch of people, danced like nobody was watching, picked fights, broke up mosh pits (losers), had a song called out to me and Les, and taking over the plat with Britt and Les during the darkness, full knowing that people were watching me dance out of control. thats okay. i like attention just like Paris Hilton does... no. not really.
I am so going to basketball again this friday. Regardless of who else is going to be there.
can i get an amen?
I realize that bunny's plans will be booked for saturday (and maybe friday depending on ballbreaker - HAHAHHAHAHA, now we really know why pointe shoes are that hard...) but does anybody wanna go see Closer with me on Friday or Saturday night? Leave a post, or call me. Don't matta...
Speaking of last friday, we didnt go to press. Some layout just wasnt finished in time, so we put it off, which does really not go over with me. I hate putting big projects off like that, but i had too. i was too stressed out. Like right now, i should be doing finals. but im not, im doing my C-dub-X H-dub. (Journal entries) Go figure.
I think i'm done babbling cruel cruel world. Lets go eat some more shortbread and sport all of my new bling...

We both think the other is cool... now what?

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