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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Mood: Done. But not yet.
Music: An' Another Thing - Dave Matthews and Beautiful Mess - Diamond Rio
Color: dark
Today is: scramble to finish cdubx paper

I'm sorry. I've been doing a really poor job updating.
Even now, I'm procrastinating, and its the only reason im writing.
Went out to breakfast with tali this morning. discussed what cannot be discussed on the net.
Saw Kinsey last night with les at Avalon. Went to Ryan's. Went to Shari's. Cheered up Joel.
Went to headline with Samo, Zak, and Bau on friday. Then went to basketball game, and then a dance party at Ryan's, which i thought was fun. Apparently, Les did not have a good time. We then went to a sharty Sophomore party at a house that didnt belong to anyone. I freaked out (got bad vibes) and left. Nooooo good.
My stomach hurts. Ate too much for breakfast.

On another note, I had really bad withdrawls last night driving to Joel's house to see his kittens. That entire neighborhood bothers me, and whats even worse, is im moving in that direction in the next couple of months. I hate timberhill. I hate cv district. why would i want to move there? it just has bad memories and uncomfortable moments.
its been five months, and i still havent recovered.
have you?

*insert Incubus - Pardon Me here*

im too lazy. and i have a paper to write.
gar, cruel cruel world.

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