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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Mood: exhaustated
Music: thoughts of a dying atheist - muse
Color: cold
Today is: first full day back from hawaii day

chilled with Les this morning. we were discussing dating, and we made a list of people we can and cannot date just for our own amusement. it is as follows (take note boys):

People We CAN'T Date
True Gritters
Blue Critters
Pretty People
CV Soccer Players
Anyone in The Stack or is an official member of their fan club
"Cool" Popular People
Bohemian Artists/Actors
Each other's ex-boyfriends

People We CAN Date
Cool Druggies (aka ones we already like)
Step-Brothers (of other people, not our own)(HAHAHHAHAHA)
Porn Stars... maybe (see following IM conversation)
Exchange Students
Teacher's Assistants
... and finally...
Each other

IM Convo of the day:
Me: do you know what youre going to study?
Todd (a la USC): film silly
Me: well i didnt know what specifically...
Todd: production
Me: rock on
Todd: u?
Me: screenwriting
Me: maybe we should make a movie
Todd: sure why not
Me: and by that i mean porn
Todd: i was thinking the same thing

oh lord. time for a name change...
apparently a whole bunch of boys told lesley that they found my blog. I googled your names too, and i didnt find my page. y'all are weird. dont stalk me unless... nevermind.
i've decided to get a new screen name. im sick of nat1239385629807432o and im thinking something along the line of the following:

"The Murmaid Says:"

comments? questions? ideas? hit me cruel cruel world.

i need a new muse.

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