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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Mood: gahhh
Music: Jason Mraz, Coldplay, Frou Frou
Color: Bright
Today is: sunday. bah.

its been like... a week since i've posted.
however, ive noticed ive gotten more hits since i havent posted.
thanks to the 63 people that hit me up on friday. i guess you have nothing better to do with your nights.

i dont really have time to do this, but some shit has gone down:
- Les and I hung out with Julia all weekend. she is hella tight. HOLLLLAAAAAAA
- The three of us got into the school musical, Oklahoma. Julia got the lead, Lesley got the lead ballerina, and i got... chorussssss... hahahahaahahahha... oy.
- Les and I gave up. Becuase you have no moves.
- I have 3 potential sadie hawkins dates, so i hope i get an early number in the draft.
- I feel yucky.
- I left early from the HOS work party, and i feel bad about it. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar...

i think i need to go back to... something cruel cruel world.

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