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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Mood: I've got my game face on...
Music: Da Rude - Sandstorm (TECHNOOOOOOOOOO!) and Missy Elliot - Work It
Color: BLUE
Today is: cv v. chs basketball day

Lesley claims the boy that likes her, likes me.
Not the one youre thinking of.
but i think its hilaaaaaaaaarious, because its not true and she just doesnt want him to actually like her.

dj, pick up your phone, i'm on the request line!
they still havent sent me my cd, btw...
is it worth it? lemme work it...

not much has happened. it attempted to snow, and the temp remains at a teasing 35-36 degrees. bitches.

i am very sleepy.
but i am terribly good at procrastinating now...
aka, i have done all of my papers on the last possible day i am going to do them

if you got a big *elephant* lemme search it cruel cruel world...

I love them. I miss them. It's hilarious I can't have them.

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