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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Mood: Meh.
Music: Tsunami - RES
Color: Chipped Cell Phone
Today is: Rick Wallace's Birthday (If you don't know who Rick Wallace is, you don't deserve to.)

Many things have happened in the world of Natalie:
1. I will not be going to the beach this weekend with Lesley (SAD) so if you are not busy, give me a call and maybe we can party like rockstars. Maybe not. But maybe, just maybe you have that sliver of a chance. Okay, I am actually offering my time, so please take it so I don't spend a miserable night in my house watching my mother paint the kitchen. ("But watching paint dry is so much funnnn!")
2. My spring break is PLANNED. It is as follows:
March 19th-23rd: My mom and I are going to NYC to see SPAMALOT, the Monty Python musical based on Monty Python's The Holy Grail and to see the new MOMA. We also plan on going to Serendipity3, the coffee shop outside of Macy's with the famous "frozen hot chocolate," it's also the place where the movie "Serendipity" is kind of based around... or something. Then I fly home to Portland on the 23rd with her.
March 23rd: I spend the night in Portland with mum. We arrive home late, but stay the night in Portland so on...
March 24th-27th: I GO TO L.A.! To visit Dan and Devin and Lance and Hieu and Asheem and Emmy (hopefully - I slept through most of her visit last time...SORRRRY!) I am trying to buy tickets for something really cool, but don't know if I can. We shall see. Not Ellen Degeneres tho. Sorrrrry.
3. We are hopefully selling the house this weekend. Please buy my house. Garrr.

I think I am going to go eat my Oreo blizzard cruel, cruel world.

i have the urge to be CV'd. Is that wrong?

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