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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Music: pass that dutch - missy elliot, drop it like its hot - SNOOOOP, 1,2 step -ciara
Today is: colts v. patriots game day

reviewing what just happened this week blows my mind.
but in a good way... i think.

after i wrote that, i went and put on some underwear because they were finally dry. why was i not wearing underwear? because all of my underwear was in the laundry. All of the people that know of my extensive underwear collection are currently in shock because there is absolutely no way that i can run out of underwear. you are sadly mistaken. i kinda started a dirty laundry pile in my room, and the underwear just got lost in it. (okay, so i didnt completely run out of underwear, but i was not in the mood for the granny panties.) usually id be totally chill running around without underwear (ive done it plenty of times, and just not shared it with you. its like being a nudist... but with clothes.) but today was different. when my 13 year old brother and zeke van patten are running around my house beating the crap out of eachother with pvc pipe-filled fun noodles and there is potential accidential pansing, i sit, and dont move until they leave.

that was the free write. it was for dan. take note: the green writing is a link. :P
hahahahhah. suckers.

So my week (since thursday) i guess has been kind of rediculous.
Friday, ry came home with me, and we spent a few hours working on is UofO essay. I drove him home so he could exercise, and then i met up with him at the bball game and ended up hanging with Ry, Jessica, and Alyssa in the end. We actually had the best time crusing in the beetle, screaming "oh what? oh five!" (who came up with that? oh me? right.) at anyone we passed and jammin to britney, beyonce, and snoop. we ended up chugging red bull and buying light-up ring pops at freddies and making a pit-stop at ry's to drink more red and get our moves on.
note to self: do not stop drinking caffeine for a month, and then chug red bull and eat lollypops.
i think 5 people asked me if i was drunk.
i actually danced rediculously. ry said I was "hot," but after "dropping it like it was hot" with 7 different boys (2 of which i cant remember their names... only faces... oops...) and realizing that my dance duo/solo with KTP to Luda's rap in "Yeah," had got me more dancing attention than i really wanted, and i began to avoid boys i didnt want to dance with. fuck, for the first time in my life, i was selective.
dayam im a whore.
Saturday was when i learned that chugging red bull was not that beneficial. after staying up until about 3:30 on the phone with Arlen (holla!) i passed out. I woke up around 9am, when some motherfucker called the house. I lounged all morning in hopes of not dying. (Caffeine hangover = NOT COOL) it seriously felt like a full blown hangover, except my body was so sore from busting so many moves (and popping so many boners? YIKESSSSSSSSS! whatchadoin!? - way to go les... dangerous duo at work!) where was i? right, saturday. so i lounged all day, ran some errands, printed out my blog, and went back to sleep around 4 in the afternoon. Les called at 6 and woke me up. apparently, our attendance was mandatory at the cresent valley talent show, AND she had sam's crabs (birthday present.) so i took a speedy shower and got ready to go. we drove out to cv just in time. we sat in front of nora and her crew (accidently) Saw tim, saw renegades, saw others. Patiently waited through other acts while giving social commentary to the point where the old people in front of me glared. during the burnouts's intro, les and i screamed out heads off. they really did rock, between samo's rockin out and bau's screaming. they also mentioned egli was from chs, so we gave a chs HOLLLAAAAA. the old people in front of us were being dumb, so i screamed "SAM - YOU'RE HOT!" lesley and surrounding chs/cvers busted into giggles, and the old people glared some more. in exchanged, les and i continued to scream, and seriously considered running to the front of the crowd and doing some headbanging, considering they only people that knew us would have thought it was funny. we also gave "hollas" to Joey Miles, Max somethinorother and Joel Guftsafson. then i developed a "crush-from-a-far" on a band's drummer, until nora informed me that he was a sophomore. oops. we dont date underclassmen.
Les and i stopped by brendan's birthday party to say hi. i knew she didnt want to go, so we made only a brief appearance and headed to dream to met up with the other guys. we ended up with joel, joel, sam, bau, zak, 3 girls i didnt know, marcus, paul (jacob's bro), jacob, (like and j.lo, but different) and his posse. if i forgot you, sorry. but we all had a lovely time, and headed to the MU 30 minutes after dream was supposed to close (holla at them for being so chill about it.) we played pool for about 20 minutes and laughed at each other. good times. and then we all headed our seperate ways. had nice convos with jacob and marcus, which of course was kind of awkward, because i think both of them can be slightly intimidated by me sometimes (because im not afraid of them) it took me a few hours to get to sleep, but not after noticing Dan had given me a shout out in his profile. holla.
ran a red light, whatcha doin?
Sunday has been pretty much homework and football. go colts. talked to Dan this morning for a little over and hour. i always love to hear from him even though i feel like a total dork (i started counting how many times i said "like" and then freaked out about it) but i think we had a good chat, and i hoped anything i said helped him. he's always so good at helping me. i might go visit LA in a few months (again) so maybe ill find something absolutely fabulous for us to do (like going to the ellen show... WOOO! NAKED CHEF!) Tonight, Im going to Joel G's (i can never spell his name, see above failed attempt.) Not sure how long ill stay. depends on drama/chaos/anger/drunken pirates.

i put my hand up on your hip, when i dip you dip we dip cruel cruel world.

yes im happy now. but not because of you. because of me.

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